Thursday Thoughties

Posted: September 30, 2015 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

Like a couple of Rabbitohs lining up at the Chemist I thought it would help us all to wait a couple of days for your weekly Fillet of Flash this week – which goes very nicely with a battered Sav I am reliably informed. Its an odd week of sport actually. First up while I would have liked Day to win Spieth is a worthy winner as well. Anyone who thinks Day choked has never played golf half way seriously at all. It is a frustrating and soul destroying game at times and while it was very slow to recognise women I am convinced they were involved in its creation at the start because their hands are all over it like white on rice. Spieth went walkabout a few weeks ago after looking unbeatable 2 months ago. The one golden rule he definitely displays is “drive for show, putt for dough” – or $10 million in this case. Then we get to the NRL . I would like Broncos to win as they are my team but there will be no wrist slashing if Cowboys do because JT deserves it as much as anyone I know. And of course once again we have to put up with the nonsense of “play the grand final in Brisbane”. Why ? Suncorp only sits 52,000 for starters. Its much more fun to go to Sydney and win – as long as someone stops the airlines from gouging Joe Average as per usual. The Dally Ms confirmed two certainties – JT is the best player in the game at present and Turnbull should stick to Polo and leave the blue collar games to anyone else. At least Keating never pretended to be a sports follower. I still occasionally watch the Today Show as Step 7 of my 12 Step plan for Rageaholics Annonymous but “Thank You Karl” even outdid himself this week by starting a movement to bring this Sundays game to Suncorp! Complete Tool

Hayne ran for 37 yds (not even metres!) and zippers bulged the world over. At least all of his years playing for Paramatta will hold him in good stead for a season that finishes early every year. The only match of any real importance in the must win caper this week is of course in Rah Rah land when we take on the Poms on the weekend. Win and kick them out of their own tournament would be tres sweet – and ensure Sammy is back in red and green next year.

TV wise Ray Donovan wrapped up its 3rd season and is currently the best drama on TV . Utopia on ABC continues to expertly portray some classic government office workplace scenarios while Gruen rounds out the best hour of local TV all week. 800 Words is simply Seachange in NZ with less likable characters but plenty of cliches. Scream Queens was a pleasant surprise and Quantico has a workable premise and narrative which does not necessarily guarantee success or even survival as it is still a bit sudsy. Trevor Noah has the toughest job on TV at present and while the show is still good with the help of correspondents I do feel that his guest interviewees interaction may be lacking. With all of the late night shows around these days I find best solution is subscribe to them on You Tube and then each morning can check out the best skits and interviews via ATV in less than 30 minutes! Across the ditch and the This is England TV spinoffs continue to decline with each subsequent series

Finally lets talk weather. Its been an interesting week to say the least. I have lived (at least my version of it) in Maryhole for 38 yrs and remember well years ago when we got our fair share of storms. Now storms can be nasty and destructive so missing 95% of them is not necessarily a bad thing but what has happened here in the last few years? No new mountain ranges et al I am aware of? It is like the Red Sea has relocated to Tiaro and everything parts there. Maybe there is a Black Knight of Bauple declaring “None shall Pass” . The last two days in particular have been tres confounding and it is like BOM suddenly runs out of blue ink when it approaches us. I have no issue with them predicting “possible storms” because they certainly do look likely at times but just once it would be nice if someone added the rider ” of course it will likely dissipate before getting to Maryhole despite any other obvious indications”. Can someone just explain why this happens all the time and trust me I will shut up about it. Its the biggest tease since Sharon Stone uncrossed her legs. Its only going to get worse of course when the summer heat starts rolling in next week or two. I hate hot weather – its my basic instinct

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