Grand Finale Indeed

Posted: October 4, 2015 in Sport

And so the Grand Final with no losers north of the border is cracked, boxed and buried. Being a Broncos fan naturally a bit disappointed but not distraught. Great to see JT get his moment in the sun at last but sport can be a cruel mistress. I do love me a sporting streak and now the Supercoach’s GF run has come to an end. Everyone spoke well last night and you can see the genuine respect they all have for each other. So what do we know now in the wash up

1. Jimmy Barnes live is not a good sound. Leave it to Mossy mate – as great as Cold Chisel are

2. Why didnt the sporting Gods let JT kick the winning goal at the end in what would have been the fitting end? Who can forget O’Connor’s goal line conversion in the SOO? Instead the field goal will be remembered more for Hunts drop rather than any brilliant execution . Bennett has come out saying he disagrees with Golden Point and always has to be fair. Yes it may sound like sour grapes but without elevating him any further part of his angst is probably for Ben Hunt. I do not agree the GF should be replayed – that is not really feasible in this day and age but would suggest a golden try ending would be more fitting for a GF , or SOO, when your whole season can come down to a field goal

3. Broncos defense was great but they shut down the game too early – like 20 minutes from end! Cowboys attack is their strength , not their defense which to be fair looked a tad susceptible out wide. No doubt they were coach instructions but they were wrong. Wasting a bit of time does not tax the Cowboys and constantly giving away field position too easily. Turn a 4 point lead into 8 or 10 and then u may slow things down. One out runs and kicks into touch just allow Cowboys to mount another raid and it dont matter how good your defense is, everyone eventually cracks against a side that is not tiring as not doing much defense work

4. JT was pretty quiet for first 60 mins but stepped up when needed and it is the little things he does that are amazing – the big one on one tackles, kick chase and of course kick return near own line. Morgan was always going to be a danger and proved the winner in the end. JT should be an immortal but then again so should Locky. The Cowboys kick offs were great all night and no surprise one would be spilt eventually

5. Speaking of immortals, Joey Johns is a prize goose. And a troubled one. I do fear waking one day to hear something bad has happened there with him. Great footy mind though

6. The crowd was great and hopefully puts paid to any nonsense talk about shifting the GF. Superb spectacle all round

7. Hodgo was all class last night, especially off the field, but suspect he was not 100 %. Hunt will be remembered for the dropped ball but really made two massive mistakes earlier that let Cowboys draw level. The spear tackle and then the dropped ball in the last few minutes were death blows . Realistically he did cost the Broncos the match but it was before the dropped ball in Golden time.

8. QLD could dominate SOO for another 10 yrs with players like Morgan and Milford to slip in down the track. DCE can stay in Manly thanks

9. Referees did a good job and they should not figure in any discussions this morning which can only be a good thing

10. Seeing the POMS kicked out of their own World Cup in rah rah land certainly outshines any mild disappointment one may have about the Broncs losing

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