Tuesday Thoughties

Posted: September 21, 2015 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

So Summer is approaching and the days lengthen and warmthen. This we know because the neighbourhood dog and bird choir is in full swing by 530 am. Not a big issue for moi as always been an early riser. Sometimes even get out of bed. When I do time for a quick breakfast and then out to golf course for some bunkering et al. Given the short duration of said breakfast and preference for hands free news absorption one turns on the Today Show which sadly has started by 530 am. If I actually have to cook something this can extend to a 30 min chore which gives one the opportunity to observe what passes for 30 mins of “infotainment” these days. We have the news bulletin, ads, sports bulletin, ads, weather, front pages and then the cycle starts again at 6 am. In between there is usual some plug of other 9 shows, where they are travelling to next, and of course the standard “coming up” tease of something that could be slightly interesting but may not show until 8:59 am. Thankfully well and truly covered in sand by then

Speaking of pointless TV shows when one starts the day so early one finds oneself having a break mid to late morning and wanting to relax and not really concentrate on a serious show like Ray Donovan. Lo and behold it is the 2015 Emmys live from somewhere else. Tragically I had missed the red carpet interviews. There is no such thing as a good awards show but some are less tedious than others and really are just something to have on in the background while doing something more productive like clipping your toenails. Quality of course starts with the host and while I dont mind Brooklyn 99, Samberg is not my cup of tea and certainly not a substantial host. The tin of beans gag on the red carpet simply leaves one wondering how this even gets to air. Then we have the “stars” and the awkward presentation interactions. These shows , like many, appeal to that large, and sadly ever increasing, segment of the populace that even now have their own species identification. Dumbas Oxygenwastas hereafter known as DO to save time and energy for said toenails. This show was as predictable as airport workers going on strike during school holidays. Awards to shows spread like chickenpox so that once it is on, IT IS ON BABY. Olive Clitoris, VEEP,GOT……zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I love Bill Murray as much as the next guy but to get an Emmy for playing himself for 3 minutes is simply ridiculous. One imagines they think his passing is imminent. Hamm gets a deserved Emmy but for all the wrong seasons much like GOT which just had its weakest season really. Just when you think you understand that its makeup time Amy Poehler misses out as JLD wins again for doing the same thing 4 yrs in a row. At least Modern Family didnt win! There were two categories for reality shows – Structured and Unstructured?? Pandering to the DOs again. How about Crap and Utter Crap next time. The one that did stand out as odd though was the best writing award for GOT . Series based on popular books always attract your stranger group of rabid fans but even they would be surprised at that one. And of course who could have foreseen Viola Davis turning her speech into a Black Women Power theme. Of course things are different in 2015 then in 1955. Everyone knows that – except the Australian Liberal Party. Which leads nicely into….

The coup was a raging success. Turnbull has soared in the polls to dizzying heights unseen since that last popular PM. Now what was her name ? Oh thats right Julia Gillard. What could go wrong?? Lets just say dont get too comfy Talkbull. It is galling how the media, especially those with other agendas, pounce on this without the obvious rider statement. You are polling the same DOs that gave Scott Cam a Gold Logie remember. It is like the weather bureau who consistently say “chance of a shower or storm this afternoon for Maryborough” which of course is true in a way but doesnt tack on the historical fact that 99% of the time it doesnt happen. Scott Morrison is the interesting player in this and now maybe thinks he can do a Keating and ascend to the top via the Treasurer position. As even Lloyd Bentsen would say “Sir you are no Paul Keating”. The other laugh of course is that Hockey tells us the age of entitlement is over but he wants a plumb ambassador job in USA thanks muchly. Ya cant write this stuff. But if you could you just may win and Emmy. Stranger things have happened. As luck would have it the leadership meeting of the Liberal Caucus has leaked online and as a service to you same is provided below

Finally to sport. Can we please stop referring to them as “Hayne’s 49ers”. There is a $12 million a year QB sitting there crying and scratching his head wondering why they took SF out of the franchise name. Too many head knocks can do that to ya. Stop dumbing it down for the DOs. Anyone who doesnt know he plays for SF by now really are not interested. I was interested in his story and good luck to him but think reality is about to hit hard mostly because it aint a real strong team folks. And then we get to the feel good sports story of Jason Day. It is a fascinating time of year for your serious golf watcher as despite the obscene amount of money available at the end of the Fed Ex watching the players move up and down in standings and what it means for next week is tres fascinating. We are now down to the final 30 and the permutations and combinations are numerous. I think if Jason Day finishes 17th, Sangboon Bae comes 2nd, Jordan Spieth dies after 54 holes, and Tiger Woods doesnt make a golf headline all week then Day gets all the choccies. You know it is getting tight when on the 16th hole on the last day the caddie is sacked and a 13yr old Asian maths whizz is suddenly carrying the bag and a calculator.

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