Hayne for Deputy PM?

Posted: September 14, 2015 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

There are only two stories in the news today so why not mash them. Haynso was seen wearing a helmet so we assume he is playing in about 45 mins. Abbott should have worn a helmet but instead was knocked out of the ring. Welcome to Australia 2015 where we can kick out a PM while most of us are asleep and yet Karl still has a gig on the Today show?

I didnt think anything was going to knock Haynso off the lead news item today but I was wrong – briefly at least. By 11 am it was great to see the first 6 newsfeed items on Facebook were all about him actually starting in todays game. More than anything this should tell me to start unlikeing a few pages methinks but doubt I can avoid it anyway. Will I watch it ? Yeah, will start because afterall have to justify paying $60 a month for Foxtel just to watch PGA golf. Unless there is a wardrobe malfunction in the pregame show or Haynso scores a touchdown with his first touch doubt I can stay interested for the 8 hrs your average NFL game takes

As for the other news, it is a sad day in many ways. Not for that clown Abbott but rather for politics in this country where yet another PM is anointed by his party rather than the people . Did they not learn anything from the Ruddiard debacle? I iamgine Abbott was a good and decent man as they all are really but he never really connected with the people and won by default more than anything else. This of course is now the norm in Aussie politics – the incumbent loses rather than a shining beacon being swept into office. The interesting question of course is will Turnbull go the way of Downer and to a lesser extent Peacock and once elevated to the position suddenly start losing appeal ? One thing for sure is it is going to be one dull election next time around with Talkbull and Curly front and centre. Talk about last clown standing. Of course the one person forgotten in all this who just may have drowned in his porridge this morning is The Parrot aka Jonesy. Jonesy isnt into the funny business with sheilas but would gladly have adopted Abbott if he could have. The smart player in all this is likely Julie Bishop who may just come out relatively unscathed , if such a thing is possible. Turnbull loses the next election and then the Bishop/Morrison team rises to “unite the party in these difficult times” . Which means there will only be one song being sung in the Liberal caucus meetings in about 18 months time

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