Ice Scream is Just Desserts

Posted: September 2, 2015 in TV

In keeping with my dotage directed viewing habits it was interesting this week to finish two seasons – and most likely one series – for two shows based on popular movie franchises. We are referring to Hannibal Season 3 and Scream Season 1. Another spooky tie in of course was the passing earlier in the week of Wes Craven who just may be rolling over in said grave now although many folk seem satisfied with the TV treatment of his movie.(Yes he was a creator of series) Not me , but then never expected to be. What both shows demonstrate though is how much more enjoyable a good story is when condensed to 2hrs in a movie rather than 10 hrs or more. Naturally in the latter you get padding and both shows are guilty of this

Hannibal was initially a bold interpretation of what was a well known and critically acclaimed yarn. Mads was great of course but never took to Fancy Dancy and really if he and Claire of Homeland fame ever reproduce I hope the kids dont go into acting ever – tortured souls dullsville. The first season was very good – and very graphic. I believe Fuller originally had a 5 season plan and dont know if and when that plan changed but season 3 did end up a bit of a mess with a wonderful Italian travelogue for first half before the introduction of Big Red in the second half. In a similar vein of course SOTL was always the standout in that movie series. By this season it seemed at times that sensible plot had been cast aside as the graphic set designers engaged in communal circle jerk . Some stunning imagery indeed but really at the expense of an engaging and believable yarn for most part. Gillian drifted in and out in a rather bizarre relationship even for this show – her final post credit scene was suitably teasing and not just for letting the puppies roam more freely. Eddie Izzard was sadly underused. I cant be bothered tracking down the timeline for when the cancellation was known but suffice to say it was very good and clever ending. Overall the seasons waned over time but it was certainly a worthwhile, if somewhat ambitious, endeavour. 6/10

Scream was a classic movie for its genre which sadly led to many inferior sequels but at least some good spoofs. It was of course part parody itself with constant references to what happens in slasher movies. The TV series has at least one character carry on this same parody which works well but the real problem is stretching a 90 minute yarn into 7 hours. Characters you simply dont care about are introduced and the whole back story of Brandon James doesnt really work. And you dont have any stand out scenes like u did in the movie with Drew Barrymore. Being MTV you also get plugs for music being played – which of course some may appreciate. It may have worked better if watched in quick succession over a couple of days – but doubt it. It would have appeared better methinks if not for the original movie. There will always be a market for this stuff and no doubt some already have the Season 2 premiere date inked in on their calendar. This little black duck will give it a miss 5/10

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