The Week That Was

Posted: August 1, 2015 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

And glad it is over!

Sporting wise it was a shocker. First up we have the flanneled fools brigade masquerading as highly paid TEST cricketers. No, did not leave the caps lock on accidentally. At least this time. As noted previously the first session of any test match these days largely determines the outcome of the match. Now Puppy ( yes he has been demoted) batted first as per Captaincy 101 unless the actual coin you tossed in the air was blown 30 feet away and landed in a lake at mid on. TEST batsmen know that you have to SURVIVE the first hour and maybe two because after lunch it is bread and jam with a good old game of hit and fetch Poms. Of course even the best batsmen will fall occasionally in these conditions and then we release the KRAKKEN aka Smith the Wunderkind. If he struggles then the laundry mistress knows she is going to need some extra stain remover that night for our creams. Then comes the middle order or as we in Aussie land have called it for several years now – The Bermuda Triangle. Seemingly proficient shield batsmen enter there and are never heard of again. Puppy has a million in loose change in each foot apparently as simply cannot move them. Much like Tiger Woods the media seems more interested at times in following his personal downfall rather than the rise of the next generation. The problems start at the top though especially now that Warner has taken over Watto’s role of reviewing plum decisions. Of course when he went up to ask Buck what he thought who really thinks Buck would have said “Of course it was out ya goose , piss off”. More likely ” Well Mr Warner you are the best best batsman in the world so of course you must try and review because we cant win without you” . As for our bowlers? I watched one good 4 over spell from Mitch but Lord knows what happened the rest of time especially when he started bowling from 24 yds! Starc is fragile both physically and mentally and Hazlewood needs a helpful pitch and we all know this one was a road – when we were bowling apparently!!

If you want a good laugh about cricket then you should follow this guy – his line about two teams who have both lost last test is classic

NRL wise the Broncos had a wake up call against Manly or more importantly the fans who have been touting an all QLD final for weeks now did at least . Lazo is a prize clown in the political arena but does know his footy so was interested to listen last week when he said it would be a Souths Roosters final and when pushed said he didnt think the Broncos halves were up to speed yet. Prophetic words. Personally I think it will be Roosters/Cowboys but that is discussion for another day. Like cricket most sport swings with momentum and this match was much like SOO3 where one team is simply blown off the park through energy, skill and a bit of luck and never get back. The Broncos were flat and their much praised defense lay back in wait and was found wanting – a worrying template for future opponents. What would be alarming for Clunk though would be to lose the second half as well and in fact leak more points. This will test all of his legendary man management skills but feel he just may come up a couple of cattle short of a full herd.

Tiger made a cut and the media world breathed a sigh of relief as he even manouvered into a threatening second position. Then came moving day and Tiger did – backwards. Last seen hanging around in the locker room looking for the answer to life, the universe and everything. Yes he is currently in position 42 with household names like Huh , Reifers and Hahn. Not going to enter into the Goodes debate as their are some valid points on both sides and it is only AFL afterall and has already taken up enough newsprint and airwaves

TV wise Netflix continues to deliver with its “original” series of Wet Hot American Summer – which is actually a prequel to the 2001 movie of the same name. The movie was rather dull but was of interest for the number of future – and some current – stars making up the numbers. The first appeal of this 6 episode bingefest is that all the stars return – and a couple more. This is silly indeed but also fun with Banks being the best of the returning cast but the addition of Hamm was smart casting if for no other reason than to see Don and Roger together again, if never in same scene. Hamm is becoming synonymous with these goofy roles and one does wonder what his next serious effort will be but in the meantime simply sit back and enjoy. Wig was tragically underused while the insertion of Reagan worked well. Finished first season of The Knick during the week and it was a quality and interesting medical period drama.

One feels we are entering the last throes of winter here so must enjoy the next couple of weeks while they last. Cool nights and warm clear days are hard to beat. Perfect for that little nanna nap post lunch. Only one problem though with Old Whiskers

Can you stop with the yips off the coast of Hervey Bay at that time purleese! Movement in bed only confuses moi.

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