Saturday Scribbles

Posted: March 21, 2015 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

Why wait to muse on a Monday when you can scribble on a Saturday

So back in Maryhole for a week now. It was 35 degrees when I left Philly and it is 35 degrees here as well. Spooky eh? Not really, one is F and one is C and in between is some complex maths formula involving fractions and shit with the end result being ITS TOO BLOODY HOT HERE. Between F and C U  Know is trouble and pain.

When we last left our hero he was in a strangely empty bar approaching a full bottle of Southern Comfort with intent. The rest is a blur. It was a long 36 hrs with a couple of highlights. Spent an hour sitting in a plane on a corner of LAX airport far removed from any gate as there were none free. Cheap Trick were then on the plane from LA to Brisvegas. I knew I knew the old rocker guy but couldnt place him. Walking through the corridors at Brisvegas towards baggage claim just happened to be next to one of the “new” band guys who asked me about a connecting flight to Perth where they were playing. Small world. As mentioned in other media commitments PE on Qantas is well worth the extra money in my view if get fares on special. You then also have the option to upgrade to BC for acceptable number of FF points

After the long train/flight/car 36 hr trip overseas travel was furthest thing from mind. That lasted about 2 days after I hit the lava pit AKA Maryhole. The travel bug well and truly has me so at present am considering another trip back to USA next February. There are two things that may affect that. Q Super falls through the floor or the thought of dealing with Centrelink again is just too much for an old man to deal with. Seriously I have never known such an incompetent mob to deal with. Works smoothly when all set up but change one thing and it takes you two weeks to recover and that involves several long phone calls – or at least long waits on phone. Obviously the trick is to book and pay before the stock market dives:). With any luck the Aussie $ may stay above 50c US. And I know what 50c looks like trust me – as usual bought home my own bodyweight in loose and useless change

Lots of TV to catch up on on return and top of the list was HOC Season 3 – which in part was responsible for desire to return to Washington sooner rather than later. It was good of course but the weakest of the 3 seasons for me . Frank was a bit too placating as President and got kinda tired of the long wistful stares of Claire. Doug had a long story arc and the ending was not really acceptable. Of course I will watch Season 4 – maybe with Barack, all things being equal. Luckily my Netflix subscription had kicked in which meant could also watch Unbreakable Kimmie from my Tina. I really liked this although suggest small doses. If nothing else the title tune is Unforgettable. Great run of co stars with Hamm being the standout. As Mad Men approaches the end sadly I wonder what Hamm will do because all of his comic turns have been brilliant – but is that juxtaposed to Don Draper especially? In general I worry about future dramas actually . Outside of these couple and the usual suspects it was great to get back into some sport and totally inaccurate weather forecasts

Australia looks “pretty good” in the non white flannel caper but really if Watto had been caught as should have then we could have had a semi final with the worlds biggest recorded TV viewership. Instead it will only be 236 billion. The Fox series of Cricket Legends episodes has been great with the Unbreakable Kimmie Hughes the standout. Man they treated him like shit but he has a great attitude. Footy wise, the Broncs are 2 from 3 but at best are minor top 8 chances simply making up the numbers. Bring on the SOO now please. PGA Golf is entering a great phase with the Masters looming but also great current tournaments like Bay Hill with the King Arnie but no Black Prince. I even got out and swung the shaft a few times myself. Well it was certainly too hot to play golf trust me!

So the end of March approaches and the possibility of single digit overnight temperatures approaches. Easter is just around the corner with a great gathering of the Della Clan planned which is always fun. Then a trip to Beachy and Woomby to see some grandkids and disperse some cheap USA souvenirs. The good news kiddies is if you dont like them just wait a year

The old fart is going back!

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