Nanook of the North – Trains, Planes and Automobile

Posted: March 11, 2015 in Travel

And so it all ends. A train ride to NYC and then two flights to LA and onto Brisbane and then the car trip home to Flashman Inc Sunshine Coast HQ. Not always a great idea to rely on not being in the actual City you are flying out of but rather arriving on same day. Have left plenty of time but still if the train ain’t a running for some reason I am in a bit of bother. So far so good but will relax more once arrive at Penn Station. Was great to upgrade first leg of return flight to Business Class with the reasoning there being somewhere comfortable to spend those last few hours in NYC hopefully in a swank lounge. The 13 hr flight home from LA will still be a chore but these things have to be done

Highlights of Philly? In no order

1. Segways remain the best way to see a new city

2. Watching snow come down all day but still be able to go out and walk around
and then the glorious clear blue sky day that followed

3. Mural Mile

4. The many Pubs in the area, all warm and welcoming. Pub crawl on Saturday night with locals was great also

5. Franklin Institute – amazing place, hours of interest and fun

This trip was planned to see some snow and winter conditions to escape the oppressive heat of another QLd summer. (I left Brisvegas just after a very serious cyclone hit central and SEQ and now on way home another one is heading to FNQ !) To that end it achieved stunning success. Simply perfect mix of weather was all I could ask for. Never really limiting at all apart from Segway delays which all ended up great anyway. I planned a lot for this trip and really did not see half of what I thought I would but that likely reflects that being here at this time of year was the main attraction. As always any tours I went on were surprisingly enjoyable

I said I had no need to return to Paris after last trip but like NYC- where I have similar feelings now – they do tend to draw you back as time passes so will just wait and see. Won’t be a solo destination again though. Philly is done and dusted. Like San Fran a week pretty well sees it all but well worth the visit .With the long haul ahead thoughts of any future holidays are in the far distance. That of course will change:) In meantime will go to Melbourne some time later in year for a week or so and then have plans for another trip to Europe late next year with nearest and dearest. Not a lot to complain about eh.

So rang for a cab from South Street. First company went to queue so hung up and tried next one and got through. In cab on way to station got an irate call from first company ” why didn’t you wait” . Said I was in a hurry and then he hung up in my ear. 2 minutes later another call different number ” so did u get a cab” . Well duh isn’t that the job of the driver to let u know? Is Centrelink running taxis in Philly? Red Cap at Philly less helpful as not originating station so have to wait until just before arrival and board with everyone else. Still train on time so that is all that counts. Fairly crowded train but arrived on time at Penn. Then it was time to catch LIRR to Jamaica station and air train to JFK. Long crowded process but efficient and only cost $13 total.

So arrived at JFK by 2 pm and luckily they opened BC check in at 2:15 pm for 6:35 pm flight. Security was very slow as always but when I walked into the British Airways Lounge before 3 pm and saw the bar at my disposal all other thoughts went out of my head. Would have to pace oneself of course, not going to be bread on crackers on the plane trip ya know. Only comment is why do bloody Eurotrash have to talk so loud on the phone. The place is enormous but can still here this one clown yabbering away. Then two bloody Poms come and sit 2 seats away when there are literally 100 free seats for miles to see . OK 2 comments

Is that Southern Comfort I see?? Will sign off now because I could be talking rubbish later on and we couldn’t have that…..



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