Friday Fallout

Posted: March 26, 2015 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

Autumn , cleverly disguised as Summer, is upon us but you wouldnt know it. I fear autumn and winter will pass in the same weekend and then spring will be gone by middle of the week. In Melbourne you get 4 seasons in one day, in Maryhole you get three in one week! Still, me no complain. Much.

So the Aussies “demolished ” India. Hardly. As good as Smith was (does he have any room left on mantle for MOM awards?) there are still some areas of concern that I fear NZ may exploit. Now the Kiwis have had a massive advantage playing all their matches on sheep paddocks – with very friendly sheep. Now it may come back to bite them so to speak. Suddenly the biggest match of the tournament is being played on our side of the ditch and while Victorians are not as accommodating, or intelligent, as sheep they do play in a big paddock. If Mitch had not clobbered 30 of 3 at the end then India may have been chasing only 300 and then at the end as bad as they looked it was 70 off 6 rather than 100 off 6. When Haddin dropped that difficult but definitely catchable one it looked a bit gloomy. If I left the room and heard the crowd roar it was because India had done something good! Is great to see though that Indians living in Aussie land still prefer to actually be seen on the big screen then to see their team win. On average you would have to say there are a fair % of stunning looking Indian women – at least amongst those that follow cricket. Finch is still out of form and Watto will always be an enigma. Good captaincy from Pup, no doubt had his buddy Warnie in his earpiece. Really is a cavalcade of commentators available – I would stick with Warnie, Waugh and Bhogle – the rest can carry the drinks. Lara is a bit like Wally Lewis – brilliant player, hopeless commentator

The German wings disaster is simply unimaginable. As always the media look for the angle straight away and many focused on the word “budget” and then chased down any possible problems ever with the A 320. Prospective passengers on these planes would have been shitting themselves. Is it responsible journalism? Well there is no such thing really with the desire to fill our screens with continual, and often misleading, updates. Certainly “death by pilot” would not have been near the top of the list I imagine – until the first recordings became available. One cannot imagine the terror of being in a plane that is going to definitely crash hard – and then for some passengers to no doubt see a pilot screaming to get back into cockpit would be mind blowing.

USA 2016 – The Returned is slowly forming but by no means set. Washington is a lock and Boston looking good but after that not sure. Sadly once you dont fly onto NYC you are no longer on Qantas but relying on American airlines. These are fine of course , simply not as easy to book etc . The current dilemma, all things being relative of course, is do you fly back through LA as usual with a stopover somewhere on the way or rather do something totally out of Love field – oops I mean left field and go to Dallas. As a bit of a JFK junkie there is appeal but it appears that Dallas is very much a car city. Qantas do fly directly back to Aussie land from there on an A 380 but it is a 17 hr flight and you have to land in Sydney first. One always wants to experience new things on holidays – just not sure 17 hr flights is one of them. Still plenty of time to decide – not that I will make use of that of course :). In the world we live in these are not major issues I want my devoted followers worrying over

TV land continues to fill in the long hours. All the hype about Netflix this week in Aussie land which certainly looks well priced for what you get but my present problem (again factor in relativity %) is the current streaming device to my TV has no Netflix app . So at present the status quo remains. Last Man on Earth has really picked up with the addition of JJ and Justified is building nicely to conclusion hopefully. Girls was a good season and enjoyed Broadchurch 2 much more than first season. Still a veritable mountain of stuff to watch as now back into full on sports watching with cricket, NRL, Golf etc. Its the only reason I have Foxtel!

Well, better go get that washing on the line. Definite possibility of rain this afternoon according to bureau. Man, are they going to be red faced when the new Reich demands they keep 2 years of data. You thought your Grandma’s slide night “My Sexual Awakening” was embarrassing

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