Nanook of the North – NYC Day 2

Posted: February 23, 2015 in Travel

So got about 4 hrs sleep and then my body remembered it is actually 5 pm in Maryhole and it doesn’t want to sleep. The apartment is great but even on 28th floor still a lot of street noise .So what does one do in the town that never sleeps at 2 am in the morning ? Check the weather forecast of course.

Grim is a word that springs to mind. Thought I had got a knob kiss until I realised it was Farenheit ! So in Aussie lingo it looks like about -16 to -6 for today. Going to be tricky as apartment is quite warm as is always the way with central heating so one is tempted to under dress before heading out. Not much planned today and a lot will depend on how ” easy” walking is . Two chores first up is get an AT&T SIM and a 7 day metro card. Let’s hope in my sleep deprived state I don’t mix them up and my phone runs out next week but I can use the Subway until August ! Then some photos of white stuff on the ground. Must be why Karmichael Hunt is over here walking the streets .

First up a Flat White at Bluestone Lane coffee shop – one of the many Aussie invaders on the local coffee scene. The SIM all went smoothly so headed off towards Central Park. Although rugged up well you cant protect the face and it was painful at times if wind in your face. CP was covered in snow and a bit dicey walking around but well worth the effort. Amazing number of dogs out. And runners. Then it was head back home and grab a scarf on the way and see if it helped – it did. Tried to check in on phone only to discover it was dead! Apparently this happens a lot in this cold according to sales lady. An early lunch and a quick kip to allow the sun to pop through and it was back out again and heading in opposite direction towards 30 Rock et al. There was no Naked Cowboy in Times Square but a lot of roadwork around so all a bit dull. As weather was nice took a punt and did Top OF Rock observation deck and it was a nice quick process. When one arrived at top minus one’s testicles it became a bit clearer as to why not a big crowd. Freezing cold with wind blowing – but still some amazing views. Took photo with phone and about to check in and yep dead again but was able to go down and inside and rebooted it and all ok. It had been a long day starting basically at midnight and feet were also hurting so time to head home to East 48 th Street after checking out the skating rink. I was on West 48th so just needed to keep heading the other way, cross 5th Avenue and we would be in East 48th. When I got to 8th Avenue I knew I had headed off in wrong direction. Ouch!

I must have been looking old after all the walking because a lot of people have already added a year to my life. I feel a year older but actually have to wait a few more hours yet

Tina Sightings – 0












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