Nanook of the North – NYC Day 1

Posted: February 22, 2015 in Travel

Woke up in a cold sweat at 6 am. My itinerary said I was catching a plane to NYC from LA in 2 hrs! Then I remembered all that international date line shit and relaxed. Also explained why it was still 25 degrees C outside. Ah Brisvegas. Things were looking a bit dodgy there for a while with Marcia Marcia Marcia and it was a hairy drive down on Saturday let me tell you but needed to be done as flood waters show today. Lovely early birthday dinner with CLP at Alchemy last night. Great place, highly recommended. Woke to a clear day although cloud slowly rolled in

I have packed as directed by Weather Bureau. Yeah what was I thinking eh. They say with Winter in NYC dress in layers. I assume that means footy socks and then thongs. However in a sign of middle age rebellion, or early-onset Alzheimers, did pack the board shorts. May come in handy if sheer bravado is all that impresses Tina these days. I will leave the Gortex coat at home though. There are 2 things very unlikely to experience and add to the “try before you die because you fly” list. First Class travel and joining the Mile High Club. I actually suspect those two are closely linked. Personally I dont see why I have to wait until we get to 5000 feet anyway:) But on todays trip we can tick off Qantas Premium Economy. Qantas introduced “Bid for Upgrades” a couple of weeks ago but was not contacted. Smells a bit like a cash grab to moi but good luck to them. Apparently other airlines have done it for a while judging by the standard vitriolic attack to my innocent post in Whirlpool forums. The internet is a wonderful thang and am glad I found the time to invent it but would be noice to block the assholes. If nothing else my Facebook feeds would shrink by 50%. If the weather bureau is right, may not be the only thing in coming days …….Monday – 14 to – 7!

So check in was smooth with the kiosks at Qantas. For some reason could not book in online which was a concern but just some glitch I guess. I was hoping it meant a full body cavity search at airport but was disappointed once more.
As usual got to boarding gate just in the nick of time so only had 3 hrs to sit and wait !


Two thumbs up for Premium Economy. Service was excellent, good leg room etc and you feel like you are cocooned in your own little cabin. 13 hrs is still 13 hrs of course. Arrived at LAX on time and then the usual 4 step nightmare of getting through customs – not that I mind them being thorough. Same goes for plane leaving 25 minutes late because two clowns didn’t turn up – offload their luggage. Amazingly we “made up the time in the air” 😉 Lots of snow on the ground as we approached NYC but it was a balmy 3 degrees as no wind. The buzz word around here is ‘bone chilling cold” and that is the forecast for tomorrow as predicted


The pre arranged limo service was a tad inefficient in the pick up part and traffic was heavy but finally arrived at apartment around 7 pm and it looks great. Must be time for some snooze methinks

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