Thursday Thoughties

Posted: February 19, 2015 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

The big day approaches when one leaves this land to travel to a galaxy far far away but before we go that renowned bitch Nature, M. has decided to throw a slight curve ball

I have noted with displeasure that when I want the weather bureau to be right they are wrong and vica versa. So yesterday for golf there were some annoying scuds around just before tee off – the weather app suggested rain on the hour every hour for the afternoon so pulled out. It didnt rain until after 3 pm! So now all the models suggest this cyclone “should” have passed through by Saturday – and associated heavy winds and rain with it. This is critical with flight out booked for Sunday from Brisvegas. I see today all Qantas flights to and from Bundy and HB are naturally cancelled “until further notice” . There was a slight concern previously that NYC may have issues with ice and snow but considered that if at least got to LA the holiday had started. If I dont get out of Brisbane on Sunday though I will not be a happy chappy. Also a slight concern leaving the house locked up and secured with winds a coming as needed to at least start heading south in case of road blockages tomorrow. So presently sitting at Flashman Inc NoSunshine HQ tracking this cyclone and hoping it does not stall. Or cause too much damage for anyone. Guessing my bunkers are going to be a mess though 😦

So in the lead up to QLD election found myself watching a bit of Richo & Jones which is a surprise as generally loathe The Parrot. It is surprising they can house two massive egos in one studio. Richo aint no shy wallflower either but he should stop sprouting on other media outlets how he is going to let Jones have it tonight. If nothing else Jones knows numbers and sprouts forth confidently on a range of issues. When he started making sense on Q&A I knew it was time to go back to Glee. Bowen did himself no favours though this week when as shadow treasurer he did not know the tax thresholds and was left squirming for a minute or two. Lot of talk these days about the problem with politics in Australia so will give my 2c worth – being MY BLOG and all. Been a mess for at least 10 years. You need a charismatic leader like Hawke or a dynamic personality like Keating to get the message across. Little Johnny did ok with neither of course except simple human decency I guess. But since then governments are voted out not voted in. We want to get rid of the clown in there but the opposition does not inspire at all so you get a few cross benchers elected that screw everything up. Of course Newman showed quite well that even with massive mandate you can still screw things up if a complete tool. Abbott will lose, if still PM, but it wont be because of the brilliance of one Bill Curly.

Sporting wise the Aussie one day side make up looks good. Either Warner or Finchy blast away, Watto comes out and combs his hair and then gets out quickly so the talent can follow, Smithy may just be dropping off touch but his fielding is superb and then we get to the meat. Marsh and Maxwell are the goods. If Faulkner can get back in then he and Haddin follow and the middle is rock solid. No genuine spinner may be a problem against class side like SA but Starc is in superb form and with Mitch on Aussie pitches they should advance far. Bailey or Pup? Both have their strengths but personally would push for Bailey. So basically when Faulkner is fit, drop Watto and have Hazlewood and Cummings fight for other quickie spot. During the world cup they have had short “legend” segments on at times with Crash Craddock. While Thommo is always good value, Wasim Akram has stood out clearly so far as the class act

Next blog should be from NYC – or from a canoe on Runway 68

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