Nanook of the North – NYC Day 3

Posted: February 24, 2015 in Travel

Another day, another year older. At last I had caught up to the Aussies. Another restless night of something resembling sleep before jumping out of bed to get the latest weather report. It was still dark so could not look outside. If there is one thing the Yanks like in their morning “news” it is weather updates apparently. Seriously there is one very 5 minutes and it never changes. In a late breaking development it was going to be “bone chilling cold” again. NYC, at least in my experience, is certainly different to Aussie land where it warms up as day progresses. Here it cools down as wind picks up I guess. So rugged up as best I could and looking more like an ISIL rebel than a tourist I set off to catch my first subway. Metro card worked fine so took my 3 sq inches of space in the very crowded Number 6 train to head off to Brooklyn Bridge. It was a booteeful clear day so thought it sounded like a plan. Once we got a few stations away the crowd dispersed and I was able to actually rub my hands together. It was at this point I realized I had forgotten my gloves! What could go wrong?

BB was last stop and duly alighted and headed off towards said bridge noting that birds were generally dropping out of the sky and shattering like a glass doll when they hit the sidewalk. It was brisk indeed. By now the fingers were frozen which made operating a camera interesting. Took the requisite “check in” shot and posted to Facebook just before once more the iPhone simply died like a Norwegian Blue. This could start to piss me off. Walking fast and waving my arms to keep warm I almost became airborne. Beautiful scenery all round of course as I continued the walk. I think I was walking, all sensation below the waist was dead. Not a new feeling for moi mind you …… One last photo then? Nope, the camera had seized up as well in the cold! Anyhoo after traversing the bridge thought would check out WTC and 911 MEMORIAL to get lay of land for tomorrows visit. Not the most intuitive place to find your way around but did view one of the pools. Then back on the metro to home to rest up a bit before the big event of the day – lining up for 6 hrs for a 30 minute show. As said in other media commitments my luck ran out a bit on the guest list front with Coco turning up tomorrow and I have some photo journalist. Still it is not really the guests you go for but rather Stewart himself. And a crowded line up. No better way to celebrate one’s birthday than standing around with a thronging mass of bloody tourists in freezing weather.

Early info gathering had suggested a 1pm line up for 2:30 pm ticket handout. Having a booking does not guarantee a seat. So was surprised when arrived at 12:30 to see about 30 people there. (turned out to be 39 actually) So stood around in simply bitter cold and by 1:30 pm at least 120 were lined up. The guys took pity on us and started checking ID etc and handing out tickets and we were told to return at 4:30 pm. Had also read about the pub across the road which sounded FAD to me as still had over 2 hrs to fill in. I was thrilled to discover that though a year older I was none the wiser sadly. Taking in huge volumes of fluid in this cold weather was not a great idea with a locked down studio in my imminent future. Still eh #internationalbarfly. So left the place half cut around 4 pm and walked down to where the river would be if not covered with ice. Ok I rolled down the hill. Somehow got back in time to line up and after 30 mins number 40 got called up but before this your group of 20 were informed to use the restroom downstairs now because you wont later. Good plan. It was a sight to see and a first I must admit – a line up of 15 guys for the one male toilet and 2 sheilas for the 3 ladies toilets! Only two actually and a unisex one which they just commandeered. You could tell the boys had been in the pub.
Then the security check and finally seated about 5:30 pm. The warm up guy was great and then JS came out for some QA. Very quick on his feet as you would imagine. We could take photos before all this of the empty studio. The show was simply great. A slightly dullish guest but my fave correspondent Samantha Bee was on so all forgotten. Tip for any prospective visitors. Take some crutches. Guy lining up behind me was walking on them and had his family of 4 with him. First they bought him a chair. Then took him – and family to front of line. Then put them all in the front row at time of entry. Saw him dancing down the street later on. All in all a memorable experience

It was a great birthday with bridges, beers and talking blue. To be fair a lot of my days are like that. If u forget the bridges…














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