Day 15 – A Cheesy shot at the Viaduct

Posted: October 4, 2014 in Travel

Good nights sleep despite lack of any curtains in bedroom. It is remote I guess. Nice to wake up to a light breakfast of cereal and fruit made by the loving hands of CLP . They are a spare set she keeps hidden away usually 🙂 Still no kettle but at least a microwave so half decent cups of tea were available. When Frenchie had dropped in the night before we asked about the washing machine – ” not sure, never used it” Merde head! So needless to say it was a lot hit and miss- the clothes were washed for 1 hr without ever being threatened by any washing powder. We stopped it and found a ” spin” cycle for 5 mins and then hung them out for some airing at least.

Then it was off to the Roquefort cheese caves in the not too far distance. Now if there is one thing that makes driving in Frogville more fun than usual it has to be thick fog! We missed a couple of turnoffs and the parking spot but eventually found it up amongst the clouds. Well worth the tour for only 5 Euro each although only spoken in French. I picked up “fromage” and ” duck ass” but that was it. Interesting to note the drop off in glamour of the tour guide when the caves have smelly cheese in them rather than sparkling Champers like in Champagne:) . There was one little old lady always asking questions. She had one of those collapsible 3 leg stools that she would plant at front of every stop. She had a husband but he stayed well away. Then we get out and she goes into toilet before CLP and takes for ever! Finally we are leaving and fuck me if she is not parked next to us and has the bloody stool out and sitting in front of our car waiting for the hubby to climb down from tree with noose in hand!

By now it was another beautiful day so we drove back to Viaduct which is indeed an impressive erection. Mind you walk around under it a few times and not much else to see, let alone pay for a guided tour. Then back into car for a nice little village Frenchie had told us about for lunch. Apparently it was closed. Very beautiful indeed and very clean – maybe because no one actually lived there it appears ! So we headed further afield and finally found another village for some hair raising driving and lunch. Again with a plate full of fries – you would think we would learn

Then back home to relax before late afternoon drinkies . I tell ya for a thirsty man these late setting suns are a pain in the ass! It was Champers tonight which seemed only fitting. Frenchie was once again totally non contactable all day as she was out paragliding again. When I can actually upload photos you will see it is quite an amazing sight as takeoff point is the mountain behind us.

It has been an interesting two days, we saw what we wanted to see which means nothing to come back for. At present the French villages we have driven through and visited have not been all that appealing let alone quaint. Hopefully that improves

Tomorrow it’s off to just outside Aix- En-Provence for two days. If there is no wireless there expect a news bulletin in Australia about a B&B host axe murder in a non quaint little French village

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