Day 16 – Aix me if I will ever drive in France again?

Posted: October 5, 2014 in Travel


The highways are great and the tolls not an issue at all, if a little expensive. Turn offs well indicated in plenty of time. But then you hit the villages and the narrow roads.

We left Millau after breakfast for an almost 300 k drive to our next B&B which was about 10 k outside Aix- En-Provence . The last 100 m were a freaking nightmare ! We had to drive through the town to get to our B&B and while a little hairy the Tom Tom saved the day. Then we approached our turn off. Seriously ?? There is a bees dick (post circumcision) on either side of the car to get the 100 m between houses to our place. If a car is coming the other way you are screwed. Then a 3 point turn and 2 Hail Marys to actually turn into the allotted parking. It is simply a nightmare end of story. It appears there is a bus out on main road which we will use tomorrow to go back to town.

As we had arrived early with no supplies we had to go back out to get lunch which meant going through the terror run again twice and then onto narrow roads for the 7 k to the next village. The lunch was fine and very filling- basically all the cous cous you could eat and then a couple of cows and sheep thrown in.

The B&B itself is very nice and well equipped. Looks nothing like the brochure mind you. Dinner will be a problem but then we are not hungry

It has been a rough day for a couple of reasons, one personal, but at present will be glad when we hand the car back in two days time. Hopefully still with side mirrors intact. Admittedly the car is bigger than we need but then it is a bit of a lottery with rental places when you prebook. Getting the actual car you asked for would be like finding an English speaking waiter at a French Village eatery. Or a half decent coffee anywhere in France

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