Day 14 – Care for a Scone in Millau ?

Posted: October 4, 2014 in Travel

Left Perpignan nice and early for first day of driving. Booteeful morning and no real problems getting out of town and onto highway. The tolls work fine if a bit expensive but the roads are great and motor along at 130 . First stop was Carcassone and by now the blue sky was providing a stunning backdrop. Did have a hiccup or two with driving in the city and of course when panic sets in I hit the windscreen wipers rather than indicator as on the usual side for Aussies. It is a manual as well which adds to stress at times. Anyway found the parking space and walked to walled La Cite which was quite impressive, mainly because not crowded yet! Maybe I am just over castles/forts/abbeys/ruins but I really did not see anything too amazing here I had not seen at many previous places. Interesting certainly but away from La Cite the town itself was La Dull. A problem with the parking meter meant it cost us 10 euro instead of 5 but such is life. Then back on the skinny road to Millau

Again a good run on the highways and we were at our destination around 2 pm. Mind you the last bit was hairy indeed and the location was remote and down a very narrow road. To be fair we had told owner to expect us at 4 pm so no one was around when we arrived but key under mat. The place was well equipped but hardly in a state of readiness. The fly paper was alarmingly full. Good to see it works I guess, wonder if owner realises they are not self cleaning !We had paid extra for linen including towels of which there were none apparent. So we unpacked and headed back into town for groceries after trying to contact owner at home and mobile. It’s a dull town too, although a beautiful river does run through it. Had simply the worst coffee ever at the only cafe open. I think they took a duck from the river and squeezed its ass into some luke warm water and then finished off with the piece de resistance – a hair from the mole on the lady owners face. We returned around 5 pm and still no sign of activity from owner. Another phone call and no answer but eventually she called back and said she was para gliding and would be there in an hour! She didn’t not turn up until 6:30 pm which meant we could not have a shower etc before then after a long hot day. Piss poor effort. The place itself is rustic but fine with a beautiful view of the Viaduct but lack of wireless wifi is a pain. CLP says you get what you pay for. My response ” That is why I don’t charge you for sex ”

We also filled up the car with some diesel today which was a fairly smooth process at least in Millau. We now realise the fuel gauge actually goes a little further to the left than the previously assured ” full tank Monsieur ” from Europcar would have you believe ! Also after parking for night we discovered a half finished bottle of Coca cola in side door in back while emptying car – good work fellas.

Using my phone as hotspot to keep fans informed, expect you all to chip in when I get the bill. On for 1 minute and Telstra charged $22 of my data allowance! Ergo Photos to follow later

Some red wine and local cheese eased away some of the pain. The difficult choice then became more wine now for pain down the road maybe? Common sense prevailed in the end.

Yeah I was surprised too

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