The Flawed need Love too.

Posted: November 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

Just dont try and tell them. The most interesting characters always have some flaws even if minor. Its the easy going “bloke” who says he isnt perfect but deep down really believes he is that you should avoid. But he has left politics now hasnt he? What started this train of thought? A synapse most likely. Or maybe Part 1 of Keating on Monday night. Now I have always been a Keating fan and that has nothing to do with political bent which oddly enough bends quite regularly. He is simply an interesting character with an amazing intellect given his modest schooling and upbringing. Mention his name in a gathering though and you will get very strong opinions , and some surprisngly vile given their pet hate about the man was his own vile nature:) . They remember the none too subtle slurs in parliament or maybe were affected by the “recession we had to have” . He certainly wasnt perfect and indeed was arrogant but at least had something to be arrogant about. Labour produced three legendary figures during the 70s and 80s and each has a different legacy. Gough is the esteemed elder statesman, Hawkie was the good cobber mate saviour and Keating was the tough as nails Treasurer who went on to win the Sweetest Victory of all. Gough was larger than life while Hawkie thought he was God even if he himself was agnostic. Keating remained largely misunderstood and this never seemed to faze him. He certainly wants his role in the development of Australia in those years duly noted and will never pass up an opportunity to outline them but he still remains a largely one dimensional character in a lot of people’s eyes. Do yourself a favour and watch the show over the 4 weeks it is on. And while waiting for next installment chase down the always excellent Labour in Power series.

My sporting idol was always Muhammad Ali – another flawed character. Ali was a boxer first and foremost – and a rather exceptional one. But he wasnt one dimensional either. He had blinding speed in his hands and an equally quick wit. Given his world wide popularity he had the opportunity to speak on many issues outside of boxing and naturally did so with at times amazing eloquence and thought. But he could be cruel too – just ask Joe Frazier. Like Keating he was a fan of mental disintegration. Now there are many clever people out there who can throw out some very clever barbs and insults but the trick is you have to back them up with deed and thought for full effect. Ali is likely elevated beyond his true position in many people’s eyes because he literally was larger than life. He is no Nelson Mandela after all. But then he is no Mike Tyson either

The talent pool in Australian politics is very shallow at present. Lets not even discuss the shape of Heavyweight Boxing. Instead be thankful that at times Giants do indeed walk amongst us and even trample a few along the way perhaps. That is the price you pay to rise out of the mediocrity of everyday life.

Or you cant sit around and wait for the next series of Australias Got Talent hosted by todays verison of talented celebrity

  1. Anthony D says:

    Nicely done! I concur that the political gene pool needs a good dose of chlorine currently.

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