Monday Moan 18.11.13

Posted: November 17, 2013 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

Pretty quiet week all round mainly because had a bad case of man flu. Mind you there are never good cases are there? Living my mostly solitary life has several advantages but certainly one of them is not being exposed on a regular basis to hordes of diseased folk. Escaped the cattle herding experience that long haul flights are completely unscathed. Almost champing at the bit one could say. Then I hit the mother lode – grandkids hanging off you for 36 hrs. What appeared cute at the time – eg licking my face like a puppy – is not listed in the Top 100 ways to avoid disease. Not the kids fault of course but it just reminds you what an incubator a young family can be and in those first five years of life there is rarely a completely healthy household. Of course as you get older the man flu gets worse – or maybe your tolerance levels drop? It has been a rough four days but I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Or, maybe I have passed over. Either way the flu is going going gone.

Its been a rough week of weather for some so lets not make light of it. These storms can be bad. I do believe though that the second series of The Dome could be set in Maryhole. Quite fascinating to watch the blue become orange become red as it approaches Maryhole – and then part like the Red Sea and pass around. I have no issue with a next day forecast saying “chance of storm” and it not occurring. Storms are female with a mind of their own – I get it. Late changes are the norm. What does piss me off of course is when that cockhead on the News will start giving Xmas day forecasts next week – down to the hour! It also appears I have reached saturation point – weather lingo – with apps and pages for storm warnings. My Facebook feed is full of them – so if I have not sent you that life in Candy Crush or ridiculed you in a Bitstrip lately please understand

Tony Abbott on the international stage this week was embarrassing. I am no fan of his naturally – or any current politician at present to be honest. (In Paul We Trust). I have always considered any politician who rises to this level to be a rather intelligent person though regardless of political persuasion. Its a tough job and you have to have widespread knowledge on many issues. (Damn I miss Paul). Even Sookie Boy Kruddy – who could not resist one last moment in the sun – sounded coherent abroad. I fear that now that Tony is away from the set script there are going to be some clangers to come. Never has the political landscape looked so barren

The Wanderlust continues to …. well lust I guess. Thoughts that the 2 week “Hands Across Half America” would dull the ache have not really materialised. Only served to feed the beast really. And its a damn hungry beast. And costly. Trying to divert all energies – when not flattened by aforementioned Man Flu – into next years European Jaunt with CLP but the spectre of the next solo adventure looms large.

As does Xmas. For the previous 35 years around this time of year would be starting to plan the Office Xmas party. Which lucky Maryhole Pub would it be this year? That is no more. But somehow I imagine we will still get together over the festive season. We were that sort of gang. And you miss that camaraderie around this time of year. And Ree’s Fruitcake. But this year do have what I hope will be the first of the Fergella ( bit of a Nigella vibe??) gatherings to look forward to where several Fergusons suddenly invade the traditional Della gathering for Xmas at Maplehead. Supplying the oldest attendee – Valda Merle weighing in at a spritely 87 yrs old and the youngest- Handsome Harry tipping the scales at 18 months. But first there is the weekend Xmas shopping trip to get through with CLP this weekend. Whoever invented Secret Santa deserves a medal. But you cant resist buying too many presents for the grandkids can you?

Now if only I had bought back 4 more Snowglobes from USA…..

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