The Monday Moan

Posted: November 4, 2013 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

People who know me well would be surprised to know I am not always the carefree , easygoing glass half-full optimist. Some things bother me, some intrigue and a lot disappoint. But lets give the meteorologists a break today

Has Joh come back to life? Now I am happy to admit that at first this bikie crackdown seemed sensible to moi. I was agreeing with C***bell Newman. That should have been the first clue. WTF is going on and when did it suddenly fill the first 5 minutes of the nightly news bulletin. Outlaw bikies leave me alone and I dont annoy them. I wouldnt want them living next door to me – I have seen SOA after all – but our paths dont cross so let sleeping dogs lie. I do of course ride a motorbike and when out and about on the highway you will usually find that other motorcyclists acknowledge you with a tilt of the head or whatever. Your badged variety dont do this and that is fine with me – it is their way of life not a joy ride. But there is some scary legislative power hidden under all this leather hysteria folks. And that appears to just be the thin edge of the wedge. Segregating bikies into their own jail sections. No smoking in Jails. Gee, cant see that blowing up in anyone’s face. Recently in USA and saw the difference in the political landscape there in just a couple of years. There are some scary Republicans that simply cannot be voted out of office anytime soon – sound familiar? Patriotism always stood out in USA when visiting – it is now a very divided country. Never thought I would see the day when their own President was so attacked by his own people. We do that in Aussie land sure but we are masters at the Tall Poppy decapitation – hell we invented it. Dangerous times ahead folks especially now that we have these conservatives in power both state and Federal.

How did the Wankabies become favorites to win a Grand Slam suddenly? Last thing they won of any value was a chook raffle 3 Saturdays ago. And they still had to buy every ticket. Oh I get it – they must have drafted another 6 league players while I was OS to help Izzy out. Nope, same clowns ran out, same result. Now we were dudded of course but not expecting to get dudded in England playing Rugby would be like expecting Watto to make it through a full tour. Yes thats right we have the Ashes just around the corner and we can get our revenge on England in something – apart from the lay down misere league wins of course. The first session of the first test will be critical especially if we bowl first and Spearhead Johnson is let loose. If he ends up in the foetal position in the dressing room at lunchtime its all over boys and girls

Maryhole weather. Newsflash. Its hot and dry. And another 5 months to follow. Just when my golf game was starting to take shape – and not the usual gay fade, but rather a controlled draw. Soon it will be compulsory tee up on the fairways. They tell me the fairways are bad. Cant confirm, rarely see them. Its just hard to get motivated to do anything, apart from sweat, from about 09:00 – 17:00. Luckily I am a morning person and bounce out of bed at 0500. Well I use to bounce out. Then I got an iPad and realised there were all manner of things you could do and see in relative comfort while the sun rises. So have the routine down pat now. On about the 2nd toilet visit for the night around 0300 I turn wifi back on and grab iPad. Try to go back to sleep, sometimes harder than it should be. Especially during war times on Lord and Knights. Damn these alerts that display on lock screen – yes I know you can turn them off, but then would have one less thing to moan about DUH. Then its up and off to the gym and morning coffee. The day is looking good

Then 09:00 comes around

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