The Lone Ranger needs more Silver

Posted: November 3, 2013 in Travel

So, how did the big experiment of 2013 pan out? Well Tony Abcess has only been in the job 2 months but things are looking grim

However the real experiment that has the public gagging for info is of course the Han Solo adventure also known in some circles as Hands Across Half of America . The plan, as devoted followers would recall, was reopen the US Government, give the Red Sox a few tips and then spend a week in Chicago and a week in San Francisco. It was a busy but productive fortnight. The Lone Ranger was venturing forth without Tonto by his side. Tonto suspected Kemosabe could struggle . As Kemosabe sat in Brisvegas airport amongst the great unwashed Tonto was not Robinson Crusoe.

The initial long flights are not a big issue as you are going to a place that is likely better, or at least more interesting, than the one you are leaving. Land in LaLa land and then the first concerns arise – getting through LA immigration and customs. But as was going to occur throughout this adventure the Travel Gods were on my side and my charm and wit convinced the hired help to suddenly open a new line and was through in about 20 minutes. A good flight to Chicago and then the adventure truly begins. My bag wasnt lost, still had my passport and taxis were plentiful. I found my B&B and carried bags up the 4 flights of stairs. Tonto would have been handy about now. Anyhoo the fans know that Chicago was a blast but then came the “internal USA flight” . In usual Flash mode got to the airport in plenty of time and then sat around people watching. Once again in San Fran all went smoothly at airport and was deposited at my digs late on a Sunday afternoon. Another 3 flights of steps – what was I thinking? Then the travel blues hit. Suddenly it all seemed a bit lonely. This was no B&B so had to traverse a few hills and dales to be ripped off at a corner store for some bread, milk and cereal. By now the gloom had descended in more ways than one. This would be the litmus test now. Would the next week drag or would I get my act together and enjoy my week? Blue turned red folks – I passed the acid test ( you probably need to have some scientific knowledge to fully appreciate how clever this analogy is:) ). From the moment I caught my first cable car and saw Alcatraz hazed in fog in the distance all was FAD. There were lonely times at night certainly and dining options are limited but it was another great week pounding the pavement. Of interest to some close to me it was only after 2 weeks of walking and at my debrief with Tonto that followed that I realised my normal troublesome ankle had not been restrictive. I may yet walk 18 holes of golf again and I have San Francisco to thank. I bought my heart home but maybe left my arthritic ankle behind? The long flight home was a pain – but always is.

So the two week adventure was a treat and went better than expected really. Who would have thought I could make friends with strangers relatively easily. Ok who would have thought I would even speak to them really? So now the dilemma. Tonto tells me that the Reservation is full for the next few years. Looks like Maryhole maintains its record of the exact population of 22,365 it has been for the last 35 years! Wanderlust temporarily sated and there is a trip to Europe next year with Tonto. But after that? If my plans to become Clive Palmers next senator dont come to fruition then I see another solo trip in my future – maybe to the UK. Travel costs money. Tonto has said that while she will struggle she would survive if I went away again. Sarcasm is usually not associated with your native American. So, does one look for some work to fund another OS trip or does one accept you cant live forever and its ok to blow 10 grand a year on travel ?

In the meantime how about some Flashies?

Best Flight – LA – Chicago: on time, smooth, arrived 30 minutes early

Best Airline Food – last breakfast on QANTAS flight – because there was only another 90 minutes until I could get off the plane!

Best Tour – really all were great but you cant beat a Segway for fun and freedom

Best Food – Gibsons Steakhouse Chicago – to be fair I didnt try many restaurants

Best Beer – Goose Island 312 (Chicago)

Best Insider Tip – Dont pay for observation towers in Chicago just the Signature Room 95 th floor John Hancock

Best Service – AT&T store Chicago

Best Movie Geek Moment – Walking the Streets of San Francisco pretending you are Frank Bullit

Best Coffee – sadly no nominations

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