Chillin in Chicago – Day 1

Posted: October 12, 2013 in Travel

Now I thought Chicago was supposed to be cold and windy – its bloody hot!

Sorry what was that Ms?

“I said we havent left Brisbane yet ya goose!”

Oh ok. Well it is my first solo trip but I just assumed that USA meteorologists failed the same course our clowns did

So the adventure begins with a Qantas flight out of Brisvegas to LA LA Land. I forked over the extra money for an exit row seat but maybe should have gone for the ones about 10 rows back. The seat map indicates this one is very close to the screaming baby aisle, one back and one to the right. But I do get the hot hosties sitting across from me on takeoff and landing. Now I believe the start of the holiday is a good indicator of how the rest will pan out. So if I get stuck next to a bloody Victorian and have Bruce and Cyril opposite then it dont look good folks.

Through security and customs fine. Not sure why the customs lady smiled and added my phone number to her contacts. And the cavity search was a bit over the top especially when she said ” Now it’s your turn” . Hey, all part of the adventure.

About to travel back in time apparently and arrive in LA before I left here. Bloody Tony Abbott. Riddle me this – am I following the sun or is it following me? It may be daylight for the next 30 hours. Luckily I am a Daywalker.

I expect there will be a lot of selfies on this solo trip

Also hope to take some photos

Y’all come back now ya hear


So the Exit Row experience ? The leg room is great no doubt about it. However the lack of a pouch or similar on the seat in front for storing anything is a bit of a pain. The tray table and Entertainment module work fine. There are a few exit row seats and in future would avoid the ones near the toilets as it does become an area of congregation. Maybe the ones near the galley I have on way home will be better.One last thing of interest – there were no specific instructions given to us with regard to what we do if we start descending like the Socceroos world ranking. In fact the hostie stood next to me so could not even see the usual safety demonstration . I will grab the iPad and a bag of nuts and then jump I guess.

Arrived on time. Used the old charm on the immigration lass and got through in about 40 minutes. Then had to recheck in at terminal 4 and American Airlines. All done in plenty of time and now have to wait an hour for plane to Chicago. As with last trip to USA , the helpfulness of the service people strikes you straight away.

It was a long trip with no sleep so will be a long day before I lay me down to sleep.

  1. Virginia Duran says:

    Chicago… my city. Make sure you have a jacket with you, it’s cold haha.
    If you are interested in architecture make sure you have a look at my map

  2. flashman181 says:

    Thanks Virginia looks very useful map . Was going to do Lady of Chicago architecture cruise – have not booked yet as weather forecast does not look too flash next few days

  3. ponderosa58 says:

    You may be a Daywalker but by the time you get to Chicago, you’ll more likely be a zombi! With your baby blues and winning smile, I’m sure you’ll charm the hot hostie, no matter whether it’s Bruce or Bambi.

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