Chillin in Chicago – Day 1.5

Posted: October 14, 2013 in Travel

Well it was a big day!

When last we left our hero he was in the AA lounge – and not an alcoholic in site. It was a smooth flight and even arrived 30 minutes early – knobber knobber – to a glorious Sunday afternoon in Chicago. Got a shared taxi trip from airport as well for only $30 so things were looking good. Arrived at the digs – and it was perfect. A studio on the 3rd floor at the back in a lovely tree lined street easy walking distance from North Michigan Ave .

image image

So despite feeling tired could not let this afternoon pass and headed out with camera in tow. Magnificent buildings dominate the skyline and constantly draw your eye onward and upward against the stunning blue backdrop of a perfect day. I should add at this stage that all posts on this trip are iPad only so the alignment of some photos may be a tad askew. He was Troy Donahue’s lesser known brother apparently



Now this was an impromptu walk – like when the Royals go off protocol – so had no maps and pre- Sim so imagine my suprise when wandering aimlessly and discovering the Billy Goat tavern which was on the must see list for tomorrow!
Had my cheezeborger and a dark Billy Goat ale – all amidst the photo lined walls



Time to walk that off by down the river and take in the beautiful backdrop of towering erections as the afternoon sun dappled on the water. It really is a beautiful city and have yet to barely scrape the surface. Not cool yet either, I could have been walking down a Maryborough street on an early September morning – you know apart from the impressive buildings and lack of flannelette.



Was starting to tire by now so back down Magnificent mile and home for some sleep but did note AT&T store on way back so was able to also get my USA sim inserted by easily the most helpful service person I had met in years. And then after checking everything was working fine he suggested some tips on seeing the best of Chicago. I tell ya I reckon a blow job was available if I was feeling stressed but then maybe it was the jet lag kicking in. I have always found the people in US extremely helpful and look forward to the same service for next two weeks. The government May be shut down bu the people ain’t. By now the sun was setting on what had been a long long day of almost 36 hrs which must mean there is a 12 hr one coming up I better be aware of.


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