Han Solo – Warp Speed

Posted: August 30, 2013 in Travel

When last we met our Hero he was on the horns of a dilemma. Words like man up or shut up were freely bantered about. Ok naysayers go stand over there in the corner with all your mates if you thought at last he would shut up?? Ha, suffer in your shorts fools. In what can only be described as a slight brain melt down a holiday has been planned and mostly paid for in 48 hrs. Help

Ok eager beavers, what was the final destination? A very safe Tiaro, a safe Melbourne, a slightly safe NYC? Nope a complete balls out turn around and we are off to Chicago and San Francisco for 2 weeks in October. Why you may ask. No idea, I have early onset Alzheimers. Now the time frame was always going to be an issue if heading OS because if I had any testicles left (and not in cold storage at Maplehead) then I would likely lose them between Nov and March in USA. After that , well there is the Europe 2014 jaunt with the even more jaunty CLP to look forward to in September 2014. So that left a 2 week holiday starting no later than mid October. Hell, it takes me 20 minutes to decide what I am going to have for breakfast – All Bran or All Bran? Initially leaning towards NYC/Washington double. Then dropped one and bought in San Fran and then thought in for a penny in for US$ 0.91
(Note: last US holiday our buck was going gangbusters and was actually making money while away!) and threw in the Windy City as well. At my age it seemed appropriate.

Ok, well flights were on a good deal so no real issue there although not exactly a straight forward connection – think I am going via Mt Rushmore but could be wrong. The real issue with flights is sitting for 13 hrs with 2 clowns I dont know and am sure will not like while dealing with the 7 inobtrusive pee stops. Now hotel prices are expensive so always try VRBO to get an apartment. With the short notice about 80% of likely lookers were “unavailable for period requested Sir”. But I found one in each city for a week each that look great and reasonably priced. Of course then I had to convert to Aussie $ but whats a man to do. So flights booked and paid, accommodation organised.

So come mid October devoted followers and casual observers keep an eye out for the latest best sellers “Chillin in Chicago” and “Save Me San Francisco” coming to a computer near you

Now I just have to tell the CLP.

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