Han Solo – The Quest Begins

Posted: August 21, 2013 in Travel

Dont get me wrong Life is Good. Have a doting CLP who hangs on my every word (yes she reads this nonsense:) ), three great kids and 4 wonderful grand children. And of course I live in Qld and dont have to go to work every day. Lets be honest here – the last 3 weeks of weather have been simply glorious. But there is still something gnawing away inside – a wanderlust it would appear. I have been very lucky travel wise in recent years as well and seen many wonderful countries and many wonderful things. But it doesnt take long for the feelings to reappear – especially when I watch so much Overseas TV with stunning vistas of the NYC skyline or the sweeping majesty of the English landscape. CLP still works and also suffers from that debilitating malaise called “financial responsibilty” so content to plan ahead for a holiday in another 13 months. She has finally called my bluff and suggested I travel by myself:) We both know that is a scary option for moi – although she dreams of the day she can get away from me and travel the world:) She is a great organiser and all of our trips have gone very smoothly. So its time to man up or shut up.

Now 2 weeks in NYC or London for example sound great in theory but have already been there and have fond memories of shared times with CLP. Would I want to go to a totally new place like San Francisco without CLPs guiding hand and adoring gaze ? What is the point of standing on Alcatraz by yourself – even with the wonders on Instagram et al. If not confident about the enjoyment factor then it is an expensive way to find out and money is not exactly falling out of my jeans pockets. So maybe the best plan is a trial run with a few days or a week in Australia? No concerns about exchange rates/driving/passport/Language. Balanced against this is the excitement factor which is way below an OS trip. So a decision needs to be made soon. Watch this space.

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