All Pain No Gain

Posted: August 11, 2013 in Events

Ah the election campaign. 5 weeks of boring patter and staged events. I have not watched a TV Debate since Keating and Howard. I was kind of glad PK didnt know the price of a litre of milk. Told me he was running the country rather than doing the grocery shopping. And of course we had the Worm. Now we have one candidate with a charisma bypass and one candidate who had a charisma implant that rejected him. Its Dull and Duller. Then we have the polls and the endless interpretation and what it means for the two party preferred vote. I am more interested in the no party preferred vote because I think it could be a landslide. Of course what we need during this dribble is some comic relief and not many do it better than How Green Was My Cactus. Can always bring a smile to one’s face and usually time it just right to go out in morning and get my coffee and listen to it on way back home. But wait. There is no HGWMC during the 5 week campaign as it “may contain political comment” . What the fuck. So the pain continues. The gain will have to wait apparently. Caught between The Rock and a hard place it would seem. The interesting thing though is that Dwayne Johnson delivers his lines in the same boring monotone as both candidates but at least looks good in budgie smugglers. And would probably hoist the boats over his shoulder and take them back to whence they came from. Problem solved. Get me Michael Bay on the line, I finally see someone worthy of my donkey vote.

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