Rainy Days and Tuesdays

Posted: July 30, 2013 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

Normally no problem filling in a rainy day as it usually involves Golf for the afternoon at least! But I just checked – and its only Tuesday so how does a reduntiree fill in an overcast drizzly Tuesday? Glad you asked

1. The Wait. One thing more certain than the “cheque is not actually in the mail” is that Tradesmen rarely turn up on time. Had decided to get two windows replaced as glass was like me – old and cracks showing. Informed they would be done yesterday afternoon but of course turned up late and only got one done. “Dont worry mate, will be back in the morning definitely before lunch” . Who the fuck knew that Tradesmen have their lunch at 4 pm in the afternoon?? And of course while waiting for mine have the clown visiting Tradesman across the road with the Van parked in the driveway for an hour with the radio blaring as usual!!So while waiting…..

2. The Game Lords and Knights continues to fill in the day even though Peacetime reigns at present in Flashville. Time to rebuild the stocks and freshen up the whores. Its a slow process and so to fill in the downtime a bit of Candy Crush. I have a new conspiracy theory that doesnt involve JFK (who they are now saying was also shot by a Secret Service agent??)but rather companies like Zynga, Playdom and King. Do they actually block resource requests to friends in the hope you will give up and pay out instead?

3. The TV Show Online forums are often populated by antisocial sheep molesters but still throw up some gems occasionally including a show you had never heard of. This weeks entry is Love/Hate – at times referred to an Irish The Wire. Unlikely but it will bloody well do for now. Its tough and gritty but sadly no subtitles. 3 seasons available already which is always great and a 4th season coming soon. As Molly would say “Bend Over and close your eyes” Oops wrong quote. “Do yaself a favour” Thats better.

4. The Doco Saving Ronald Reagan Devoted followers would know of my fascination with all things US Presidential and Reagan is an interesting study. But this is all about the assassination attempt, how close he came to death, the amazing fact they didnt know he had been shot for a significant time, the agonising search for the bullet fragment in his lung and the cockup by the remaining staff in the White House. It was a riveting 90 minute even with the totally unnecessary re enactments.

5. The Book The Kill Room Latest Lincoln Rhyme novel – always a safe bet

So throw in a quick gym visit followed by morning coffee as the sun rises and the obligatory 7 toilet visits and the day fills itself in really

But people who dont keep appointments and dont phone piss me off big time. You have been warned.

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