The Long Hot Summer

Posted: July 19, 2013 in Sport

Oh how we could do with Ben Quick now. He knew all about revenge and barn burning.

Or at least another quick to support Ryan Harris. Dont want to say I told ya so. But I did.

The 11 white-flanneled Prima Donnas masquerading as a touring cricket team, while secretly just hanging around for the baby shower, are embarrassing. Everyone fell under the magic spell of Ashton Agar and it was a good story but really said more about the Poms poor bowling to him than anything else. Dont get me wrong I like the lad but he has had his moment in the sun – literally can it just fucking rain please!! – and the rest of the series will never reach the same heights. It just papered over yet another batting collapse by our top order. Can we just refer to them as middle order batsmen and declare the “Top Order” as “To Be Filled” in future? There is a certain circularity to this batting nonsense though. The ACB jams the summers with 20/20s and one day matches as they are the money earners which then allows them to overpay these clowns who then cant perform at test level because they have become sloggers from playing too much pyjama cricket. It would be funny if it wasn’t our national team and we weren’t losing to the Poms.

Beefy suggested 10 blot with tongue firmly in cheek. No one is laughing now. This team simply has no class batsmen with ticker – Pup may be the exception.

Thurston, Smith, Slater. Warne, McGrath, Gilchrist. Do I need to draw a picture folks? Great teams need a spine – in more ways than one.The go to men when the going gets tough. When the going gets tough over in England Watto reaches into the bag for some more hair gel. Seriously he should be banned from using any hair product until he scores at least a 50. Rogers is tradesman like, Hughes streaky at best and the rest who cares. Ian Bell batted longer than the whole Aussie side! Can we please bring Warner back in , if for no other reason than to punch Broad in the head.

Bowling is a bit better but really that is like saying Syphilis is better than Herpes. Now from memory, Dolly the Sheep was cloned in Scotland which is pretty close. Can we just duck up there with Rhino and run of a couple of copies for the third test? Lets face it, we know he will break down again soon. If nothing else, at least catch some Open Golf. Haddin’s wicket keeping should not go unnoticed either – his combination with Watto at first slip is poor. Cant blame him I guess not wanting to get to close to that clown.

We do the simple things wrong because it is simple people doing it. No balls for example. And dont mention DRS – stick to the bloody war please. I say we only ever play India and then the DRS is a non issue

So it is hard to say what is pissing me off more – the dismal effort of our cricketers or the fact that England is having glorious weather while our renowned glorious Qld winter has been a shambles.

No you are right of course, it is neither.

Its those bloody arrogant weather forecasters who still cant get it right.

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