8 is Great but 9 will be Divine

Posted: July 17, 2013 in Sport

So another SOO series is cracked, boxed and buried and the juggernaut rolls on. Another close series giving NSW some hope but ultimately tears before bedtime. This all conquering Maroon team is blessed with some superstars that have a familiarity and combination only years of success playing together brings. The spirit is never better displayed than in backs to the wall defense. The much vaunted attacking prowess is always alluded to but it is invariably the defense that wins the series. There will be an awesome attacking display, bordering on invincible, in one game of the series (Game 2 , 2013) when it all clicks. There will be that one game when NSW biased media get on the perch claiming, but secretly only hoping, that the end is in sight (Game 1, 2013) but more often than not this a reflection more of the combined IQ of any team of footballers , including QLD, isnt going to hit any great numbers and they need the good old fashioned wake up call to step up a gear. Then there will be the grinding game on a knife edge which all comes down to try line defense at critical times (Game 3, 2013) and this is where the Maroons turn up year after year. Loz will get another crack you would imagine but dont be surprised , especially if that magic and scary number of 10 is in the frame, that Gus is not bought back for 2015. It may take the Opera House to entice him but no expense will be spared. Because if Qld continues to dominate into another decade then we are back in the 70s man.

So lets run the slide rule over a few players

Slater tried hard in last two games but was well contained. Tate and Boyd do everything good wingers have to do. Inglis only had one good game in the second and was totally missing in Game3, apparently injured( Note to Mal – if he is injured get him off!), whereas Hodges had a blinder in Game 3. Thurston was missing in one, brilliant in 2 and patchy in 3 but is always the x factor. Cronk improved as the series went on although his kicking game largely went missing in the second half of Game 3 when needed in the tense times. The pack was solid with Scott probably the standout and Myles ready to go to pasture. Parker was the other consistent player while the bench all added much needed zip. Still not sure that Cherry Evans , as good a halfback as he may be, added anything but raw enthusiasm when he came on. Papali is a definite star of the future

As for NSW, well the Pearce experiment at half back must be over surely. They have some big young boppers in the pack that will continue to improve and likely terrorise in the future. Dugan is definitely Origin material but then they did miss Haynes who had a stellar first game. The Morris boys are all class and Farrah gave his best. This team can beat Qld but it likely wont be next year when there are two games at Lang Park

And finally,The Streaker. Its all fun and games this morning but he could have affected the outcome of the game. They need to send a clear message to these pests and morons and give him a jail sentence. Maybe some of the security detail should joining him for impersonating an officer

So all we need now is an Aussie test win at Lords and The Dark Shark triumph at Muirfield.

And Kate to have that bloody baby so we can get back to the real news!

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