What makes a bad TV show good?

Posted: February 3, 2013 in TV

Naked sheilas usually work for me but as we have seen with Girls it can depend on which naked sheila is CONSTANTLY getting her kit off. It is part of the anatomy though

Heart. With a little bit of Pi or π.

Now Person of Interest is without doubt one of the more ludicrous shows around, now well into its second season and rating well I assume. Ratings dont mean a lot regarding quality of a show given the general non-discerning intelligence of the great unwashed but it does mean the show may be around for a while. Hell The Man in the Suit may finally even catch Dexter! I started off with Season 1 and while liked the concept of the “machine” the ease with which “The Man in the Suit” – hereafter Superman – dealt with multiple baddies was simply ridiculous even if he had actually once rounded up Saddam, Adolf and Osama all in one afternoon all by himself and during a half time break in the footy. We all like the good guys to win but there has to be at least 1% of reality involved occasionally. So would watch an episode and then leave it for a couple of weeks to see if it had changed. Superman didnt but other elements started to appear. We had HR bubbling along in the background, shady FBI guys and of course the introduction of Elliot the Fashion Photographer as an interesting and very nasty baddie. So we got through Season 1 but then Season 2 kicked off and once again sat around for a while before starting to watch and then finally got to Season 2 Episode 11 and the Life of Pi. Superman was locked up all episode so it was time for the real superhero of the show Harold the Gimp to shine along with the usual help of Bonnie and Clyde. Carter is a smart operator of course who basically has all the time in the world to devote to these specific cases given how safe and quiet NYC is. Apparently. Fusco is just a lovable and loyal lapdog but he does have heart. Harold plays the role of substitute teacher who is stuck teaching Maths to the usual bunch of cool retards. Of course there is the obligatory boy genius cleverly disguised as a drop kick and he is the heart of the story and more specifically his number has come up. In trying to communicate with said retards Harold introduces the concept of π. In a rather clever way. As he explains π is never ending and contains every single other number and never repeats. Then the zinger – every infinite possibility in life rests within this “one simple circle”. Deep shit but clever. As this season has progressed we have got to know more about Harold and even his past romance with his real life wife Carrie Preston. He has blossomed and with him so has the show. Now we still have the saccharine sweet endings often that make The Love Boat seem like The Walking Dead but we still have shady FBI guys, HR and Elias bubbling along. And keeping it all pumping along steadily, as one would expect, is the heart inherent in the show and often lost in the hail of bullets and bullshit. It will never win an Emmy of course and nor should it but it does have some intangible that draws you back.

And,luckily, Superman is still locked up.

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