Farewell Tina – Dont be a Stranger

Posted: February 1, 2013 in TV

Avid Followers – not of the serial killer kind – will know of my love/lust for Tina Fey so it is with sadness that we see the end of 30 Rock. Mind you it went out on top so that is the way to go. Seinfeld remains my favorite comedy series of all time and it ran for 10 seasons and was still delivering. It was a more consistent show for moi while 30 Rock had its highs and lows, even if the highs were some of the best ever. Seinfeld had some clever lines of course but it was more the circular nature of an episode and the interaction of the characters over time that was its strength – much like Curb that followed on. 30 Rock had many memorable and sharper lines but it also had some episodes that wandered. I always felt you could enjoy an episode of Seinfeld more if you understood the idiosyncrasies of George et al displayed over years. You could come in cold with 30 Rock and laugh your ass of because the characters were every easily identified. My new fave now – yes slow to the party – Parks and Rec falls somewhere nicely in between these two without quite reaching either – yet. My favorite period on 30 Rock was when Matt Damon and Elizabeth Banks were front and centre. 30 Rock used guest stars very well and it would appear from my friends at Firewall&Iceberg that it was often simply the case of them being in NYC at the time. Will Arnett was a great recurring character.

Fortunate enough to do the NBC tour when in NYC in 2011 and had to take the chance to hold Tina just once. Worked out ok


  1. ponderosa58 says:

    My goodness that Tina Fey is a honey😋

  2. flashman181 says:

    Better in photos than real life ………. apparently💓

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