Superbowl XLV11 – The true Destiny’s Child

Posted: February 4, 2013 in Sport

Beyonce mimed with the best of them at half time but there was another child of destiny that had a bigger impact on the outcome of this event. The Peter Pan of golf even. Or maybe Captain Hook depending which driver he is using on any given day.

In January 2001 Mark Calcavecchia won the Phoenix Golf Open shooting 256 for the 72 holes. On the same day the Baltimore Ravens won the Superbowl

Last Friday Plastic Phil lipped out on the 18th hole in round one of the Phoenix Open (ok Waste Management Open!). Nothing too unusual about that except the ball virtually disappeared down the hole and reappeared in a way that would have made Punxsutawney Phil proud. Oh and it was for a round of 59 – only ever been done 5 times in the history of golf

Today on our version of Groundhog Day 2013 , although a bit later than 0600, Plastic Phil shot 256 to win the Phoenix Open. Baltimore Ravens won the Superbowl. San Francisco fans who know their golf would have been thinking back to that fateful putt on Friday as they now ascend the Golden Gate Bridge looking for the honorable way out only to run into bloody apes in the mist.

It was destiny folks. A great Survivor in the game of golf, maybe even a Soldier said Say My Name one more time and took home a cool million $ . Bootylicious!

But then the Writing was on the Wall all along wasnt it?

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