Octoberfestivus Day 25

Posted: October 28, 2012 in Travel

Fire and Ice

Woke up to snow in Zurich and a balmy 0 degrees. Today we fly out to Dubai in the afternoon for a sultry 37 degrees although luckily we don’t get in til midnight. Did I mention we are flying business class. Sweet. Early 55th Birthday present from CLP. So will get to airport nice and early and hook in to the freebies in the Emirates Lounge before getting onto plane and hooking into more freebies. Luckily the baggage allowance for BC is 40 Kg and you can include your gut in there as well. Those clever Emiratiennes. Chauffeur delivery to airport was way cool and early check in worked smoothly – apart from the 4 Indians in front who seemed at a total loss as to what to do! Did security check thing and then had to catch a bullet train to actually get to our terminal. Swiss Air rules baby. Then we had to walk up stairs to get to our Emirates lounge. Imagine!!! Once there all was forgiven. The biggest problem of course is not to overindulge too early before the flight. Harder than it sounds actually.

So as we bid farewell to Europe some final thoughts.

Prague was a pleasant surprise though should not have been as everyone does the rave. Food and alcohol is very reasonable priced if a little lacking in variety at times. About 2 days would knock off the major highlights in the city but it is an easy one to walk around. The women are rather stunning but I think I may have mentioned that previously. Segway is a fantastic way to see th city.

We couldn’t do Vienna justice in the short stay we had but like Prague would think 2 days knocks off most of the highlights in the city. Easy to walk around and the KK Maria Therese was an excellent hotel to stay at. The famous schnitzel was a standout and the Rathaus etc look stunning at night time. The Schonbrunn was an impressive Palace and gardens if that is your thang

Rome was warm but had plenty to see and the obvious ones are the standouts. The driving and parking of course is fascinating. The food is not all that varied at least at the lower end of the scale – am sure there are amazing restaurants. The women look unhappy. Metro stations are fairly widely spaced. It’s less easy to walk due to its hilly nature but we needed full week to see everything. Nothing though left to drag me back really whereas can visit Paris yearly simply to enjoy it.

Florence was great although to me their museums are overrated, a couple of standout items not withstanding . It is a lovely town to walk around and has great food. The wine tour through Tuscanny was a standout and could easily spend more time there. Plenty of leather goods for you S&M fans.

Paris is of course Paris and in this week we saw a few lesser known sites which was great and also discovered some wonderful eating places. The weather got increasingly cool which was great but the fog/haze does not help photography. Moulin Rouge was an unexpected treat and of course the day trip to Chablis was great. The metro is the equal and probably better than anything else we have tried. Easy town to walk around and the river forms a great centrepiece.

Zurich is expensive – end of story. It is certainly a nice little town but does not offer a lot for the tourist. Our excursion into the countryside, though somewhat ruined by rain, certainly indicated some lovely areas that could be worth visiting for longer such as Lucerne and Interlagen. Hotel Continental was great. Was great to see some snow though.

The apartments we stayed at were all great using predominantly VRBO. The one in Paris through Paris Nice Home was very well equipped etc but suffered from one of its charms – slate floors. We were on the first floor and had a herd of mating elephants staying above!

Well better sign off now as they just bought out the hot buffet. First of course the hostie with the mostie sought us out to inform us of of our gate . Guess it saves having to actually get up and look at a board. Life is pretty easy for rich bastards I would suggest. I will take my 15 minutes.

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