Octoberfestivus Day 24

Posted: October 27, 2012 in Travel

Mt Titlis (giggle giggle)

The day dawned as predicted – cold , raining and sleet on the way. They say you should not book Mountain trips in advance and that may be true but then again there was not a lot to do in Zurich for another day either. So sloshed down to meeting point at appointed time to see what horrors awaited. It was looking ok until kick off time of 0930 when some problem with one ticket caused a 10 minute delay which then allowed an Indian family of 5 including a toddler rock up 15 minutes late and still get a ride. They were going to be a problem- you could just tell. Just out of interest why do so many Indians seem to holiday in Zurich?? Have seen then everywhere. Anyway we got away and then the next problem started. We were on a Viator tour to Mt Titlis with a 1 hour stop off in Lucerne for lunch. What we did no know was there were about 4 other tour groups with us with various drop off and pick up points which we had to travel to as well!! First drop off and of course the Indian family were 15 minutes getting back which would mean we had 15 minutes less on the mountain. Thanks a lot. Our 1 hour in Lucerne was also cut back to 40 mins which made it very difficult to have a proper lunch. Anyway eventually we got to Mt Titlis and let me add the bus driver was excellent, as they always seem to be. It was cold. It was snowing. It was whiteout. Anyway 4 cable cars later we were at 3000 m where it was colder and whiter. For some obscure reason we walked out into this for an “ice flyer” ski lift ride in the blizzard. I could not see anything except my life force draining before my very eyes. We somehow made it back and thought we would have a roll and share a beer for lunch – 30 francs! Is there a dearer place in the world to eat then Zurich?? By now I think everyone was keen to get warm back on the bus so we actually left on time and only had one pickup in Lucerne on way back which went smoothly. All in all it was ok, the weather is just one of those things but organised bus tours really do piss me off as you always get some ignorant people on it. The meshing of 4 tour groups, unstated on web site, by Viator was poor form.

Back in warm hotel , thought why not get a burger and beer x 2 for room service . 73 Francs later and I should come to in an hour or so they think. Daylight saving ends tonight so we get an extra hours sleep. Somehow I suspect it will be added to my bill

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