Octoberfestivus Day 23

Posted: October 26, 2012 in Travel


We bid farewell to Paris on yet another foggy morning. The prebooked taxi arrived on time at 0900 and it was all smooth sailing to Gare de Lyon and onto the SCNF Lyria to Zurich leaving at 1020. First class was very comfortable for the 4 hour trip and we received an excellent lunch. Only a short walk from train station to our Hotel Continental in Zurich and it all seems fine. The weather was cool and overcast – much like Paris! – and we headed off into the old town to see the highlights. There are not many but it is still a beautiful city on both sides of the river. Then our fun started. First up could not use CBA card at Swiss Bank ATM because it was not chipped. Then we found one that would take it so we asked for €200 – and got one bloody note! We decided to head back to our hotel and check our dinner options but first a beer in the hotel bar. Once again excellent ambience and service and the waitress gave us some great tips. Then over the local ” apple cider” asked her about the attached Chinese restaurant Luo? Best Chinese in Zurich – ok sounds great. We went down early around 630 pm and were seated easily and ordered our drinks. Food? Only the chef can take the food order. Odd but ok. 10 minutes later we placed our order, 1 entree to share and 2 mains. Took a while to arrive and were starting to worry about the system in place here. The food was fine but nothing special. Then we asked waiter for the bill after being ignored for about 15 minutes despite personally piling up our plates on top of each other as a clear message. Finally grabbed him. ” sorry, only chef can give bill” You said what??? Fark me. Another 15 minutes and chef turns up with bill and starts to walk away. No so fast mate!! And that was our mistake. The bill was 102 francs which was expensive but expected and we just wanted to get rid of our 200 franc note. So we gave it to him and waited while he dealt out the change but sadly we were in a rush to get out. The bloody mongrel only gave us 88 change instead of 98!! Sorry end to a great day. Avoid Luo Restaurant in Zurich folks.

Off for bed time as we have day trip to MT Titlis ( giggle giggle ) tomorrow and they are predicting snow and sleet and – 4 degrees!

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