Octoberfestivus Day 22

Posted: October 25, 2012 in Travel

Au Revoir Paris

This was our last full day in Paris and at last the early morning fog of the last 2 days appeared to have evaporated and it was a cool clear day. Of course in Paris clear is an ambiguous term as we found out later while scouring the horizon on high – more on that later. Today was a day to catch a few sites we had overlooked so far such as Hotel de Invalides. This was impressive and also includes the Tomb of Napoleon. We left him to lay in peace and checked out the Pompidou Centre which was certainly an interesting looking building and rather large. As it was basically a museum an outside look would satisfy the burning curiosity bubbling away inside. As it was such a glorious day CLP came up with the rather brilliant plan of going to the top of the Montparnasse building viewing platform – all 207m – for a view of Paris. I enquired as to the availability of an elevator- like device and she assured me there was. So for 13€ we went up the 56 floors to some rather stunning views. Cue the comment about “clear” days. Even the Eiffel Tower which was not a million miles away was not clearly defined. The views were superb, you just could not do them justice with a camera. Of course there was the obligatory black screen shot of us superimposed on Paris at night which we got because we could and we had some € we needed to offload. Off to Zurich tomorrow and those clowns want francs apparently. We then thought we would metro back to St Germain de Pres for lunch and this time landed at Cafe de Flore. It was crowded but fine and we only ate relatively light as we had a special meal planned for dinner. We thought it was ok to have a few drinks though of course because that simply passes through you. Then a slow wander home to have a quick look at some packing. Tonight it is off the L’epi Dupin for the seven course degustation as one last memory of Paris

Next few days should be interesting. Down to about 17 max at present in Paris; Zurich on Saturday is expecting snow and about a max of 4 and then on Sunday into Dubai and 37 degrees. Packing is a bitch

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