Octoberfestivus Day 21

Posted: October 25, 2012 in Travel

The Breast of Both Worlds

Still rather sick so a quite day was planned before Moulin Rouge visit for dinner and show at 7 pm. The weather now was certainly cooler but with it came fog basically for the whole day. Not a real drama except we had planned for a picnic lunch at Eiffel Tower. Still we trudged on to the markets and picked up our fresh supplies of meats, cheeses and breads along with a small bottle of champagne as we had not bought a corkscrew. We are “spoilt” in Australia with all of the screw cap bottles available! Second disappointment was to find all of the grassed off areas fenced off so we had to sit on a bench and look around the corner at the tower. However the food was great. Then it was a slow wander back home for some R&R before the big night. We took our two metro stops to get to Blanche which comes out across the road from Moulin. But first a visit to Cafe de 2 Moulins made famous in the movie Amelie. We had a beer and it was the coldest we had tasted so far. We had another. Then we went and lined up. The line ups are long but the whole process is handled well and we were seated well before 7 pm and we had 4 other Aussies at our table which I put down to great planning by the reservation people dealing with online bookings. That theory went out the door of course when Olga the lone Russian tourist in France was also seated at our table. The table was in an excellent location and while snug was still comfortable. We had the Toulouse Lautrec menu – small servings ! – which was fine for a production line service feeding several hundred people. As warned by others, do not buy extra drinks as the price is prohibitive eg £80 for half bottle of basic red. The show kicks off at 9 pm and is spectacular though lacks variety. There are only so many stunning costumes, pert bosoms and mimed music you can take on loop but the acts in between we’re simply superb – juggler, acrobats and mime – to the point I was waiting for the show to break so we could see next act! So overall it was a great night and certainly an experience not to be missed when in Paris.

We decided to take the Metro home as well assuming even at 1130 at night there would be people around and I would not get molested. They were jammed in like sardines – what are people doing in Paris at 1130 pm on a Wednesday night out in the boondocks??

  1. That’s such a shame the grassed areas under the eiffel tower were fenced off when you were there! I was there in July this year and we had a lovely afternoon ( about 30 students from all over the world) at a mass picnic, enjoying the sunset 🙂
    I agree about Moulin Rouge – the sideshows were definitely the best part, my moulin rouge post actually echoes your sentiments there! Haha, I found it quite embarrassing in Paris, not being familiar with opening corked bottles and passing them to my Swiss friend – who took the opportunity to roll his eyes and make a comment about ‘uncultured Aussies’.

    I write bite sized stories from my travels here: http://genevievewanderbug.wordpress.com/


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