Octoberfestivus Day 20

Posted: October 24, 2012 in Travel

Catching up in Chablis

Officially sick as a dog but today still turned out great. Many moons ago we had arranged to meet up with my brother John and his travelling companions including wifey Lorraine as we were both going to be in Europe at similar times and specifically in France. While we were in Paris they were cruising the wine districts. So a 2 hr train trip for us to Tonnerre and a 90 minute car trip for them from Varzy saw us meet up in Chablis. A quiet , beautiful and immaculately clean village despite the number of amazing vineyards enclosing it. First up was an hour long tour and talk with the very helpful and knowledgeable Francois around the different vineyards and then it was time for lunch. Left the wine selection to John the expert while we chose a blast back to the last century with a beef fondue. The food and wine were excellent but the service pretty ordinary with our typically arrogant French waiter and we waited 40 minutes for any food to even appear. Luckily the company was great. From there we wandered around town for a short while walking past several wine “houses” and taking a tasting in one. All too soon it was back in the car for the trip,back to Tonnerre and onto Paris. We had only been able to spend about 6 hours together but it was great. Apart from coughing ones lung up every 5 minutes of course. It was at last pleasantly cool.

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