Octoberfestivus Day 19

Posted: October 22, 2012 in Travel

Pere Lachaise- Down among the Deadmen

The day dawned bright and clear eventually around 0900 so we headed off on our Metro jaunt to find the famed cemetery of Pere Lachaise. Only a couple of connections required and must say that the colour system used in the Paris Metro makes it very easy to follow. The cemetery was very quiet at this time of dead ,no doubt partly helped by the fact it was full of dead people but we had avoided any tourist crushes if such things happen. First stop was to get a map as this place is big – the celebrities are numbered but can still be difficult to find as many are simply sites compared to some. Money buys you a bigger shrine than fame apparently. First stop was Jim Morrison which was barricaded off for fairly obvious reasons but still easily seen and read. Then it was onto Chopin, Marcel Marceau, Balzac, Edith Piaf and Yves Montand. Outside of Morrison the other notable is most likely Oscar Wilde and as one would expect a rather distinctive site – once more barricaded off.

Then it was off on a gourmet gallop through St Germain-des-Pres. First stop – Les Deux Magots Cafe, a favourite haunt of Hemingway for a coffee. Then a quick wander through the famous La Fayette shopping monstrosity. Just around the corner we sauntered for our lunch recommended by our host Pascale at Le Relais del Entrocote. Lunch was the preferred time due to the crowds at dinner and we had no waiting. It is a set menu and certainly interesting though not necessarily spectacular . A sour hostess subsequently dubbed Happy Harriet for rest of stay seemed to find our presence mildly annoying . We had our walnut and lettuce salad to start which was fine but were suprised that HH left behind the knife and fork we used – ok the steak may be tender but would prefer a knife without salad dressing on it. The Entrocote was indeed tender and properly cooked and was served with a mountain of fries and nothing else, apart from obligatory sauce. The lunch cost us €75 and was more filling than memorable. Time to walk home slowly for a break from a busy morning before we headed out later for a very nice coffee at Le Cafeotheque- the coffee du jour was Costa Rican and just fine and dandy.

After a heavy lunch we will search out some light crepes for dinner. As it is such a beautiful day will head out on sunset for some pictures hopefully. Full day tomorrow travelling to Chablis to catch up with brother so looking for an early night. Day 2 of a full blown head cold is not helping at all.

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