Octoberfestivus Day 18

Posted: October 21, 2012 in Travel


What is it with Europeans and no clocks?? We have yet to find one in the bedroom and when it stays dark until midday it can be a concern. We were in no rush today so it was not an issue that we did not stumble out of bed until around 0800. While our apartment is fine it is on ground floor with 2 more above and of course not only do these clowns clip clop around in high heels at midnight they also decided to do a wash at the same frigging time! Woke, eventually, to a gloomy day and let me just give a Yay to the European weather forecasters who seem pretty spot on compared to the dartboard approach used in Australia. The weather app even said it would fine up a little later and I did -disappointed it has not been very cool yet though . Europeans are like Melbourians though – they rug up if it looks a bit grey even if still 25 degrees

So today’s snooze fest event was a trip to Versailles to see the palace yada yada yada. Once again the Metro worked very well and we soon off on our 45 minute trip to Versailles – where it was still dull and grey (but not cold ya clowns!). The train was tres crowded. The masses alighted and as one migrated towards to some gold gates far off in the distance. As we approached we already saw 73 buses parked in bus bay. This was looking ugly. It wasn’t. The online reservation prints off got us in easy ( Memo to Italians – it works well ya gooses). The place is so massive that once inside it never seems crowded. Inside the palace was of course spectacular but then nothing we had not seen before from royalty. The gardens themselves were probably more impressive and massive – I know, I walked them all! We saw where Marie Antoinette lived – about 3 k from the king – good deal,I say. So after a brisk 3 hours it was back on the train again to return to Bersey and a slow walk home. We will go out for dinner later as the weather has cleared quite nicely.

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