Octoberfestivus Day 17

Posted: October 20, 2012 in Travel


Well the sparseness of our sleeper on the night train was well matched by the breakfast we got once we trudged down to the “restaurant” car. Luckily the train arrived on time and better still no wait for a taxi. A €5 cab fare quickly became 10 due to 4 bags. Welcome to Paris. And of course it was raining. The apartment was fine if a little snug and then the owner Pascale arrived to fill us in. By about now the first signs of the dreaded lurgy that CLP had endured for last week were starting to appear so quickly off for a hearty lunch of Beef Burguignon while the taste buds still worked – superb. Some grocery shopping to stock us up for the week and then we had a stroll around Notre Dame in the drizzle. We have been to Paris before and seen all the sites so this was more of a relaxing week ahead with just a couple of special treats planned. We ventured out later for a Crepe meal but it was rather crap with service and ambience to match. A fairly long and non eventful day drew to a close – let’s hope weather picks up for trip to Versailles tomorrow

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