Octoberfestivus Day 26

Posted: October 29, 2012 in Travel


Ok Emirates Business Class is sweet as, bordering on life- changing, from the Zurich lounge through to the arrival in Dubai. After that things deteriorated somewhat . We got through passport alright but the “chauffeur” service at this end of the line is a glorified taxi service – no one waiting with a name board or anything. Then we hit the highway and drive like only the Dubaians can – fast. Then we hit a dead stop about 2 k from home – Sofitel Jumeirah on the marina. It was 1 am in the morning and the traffic and people around ridiculous – some big special event apparently this week where everyone descends on Arab Town. It took us another hour to move this 2 km and the amazing thing was a lot of the problem was simply young men, and I use that term very loosely, driving around in their hot cars simply to be seen. Some clown was driving a red Ferrari around a frigging round about at 0.00001 kph and the only thing that could happen would be for it to get scratched! Finally we checked in and then had more fun and games – straight away the CLP was ignored and all questions (as the man) addressed to me even though booking in her name! Bizarre – not even eye contact with her. Finally into a very nice room on eighth floor at 0230 in morning. Then we became aware they build very tall building here but not familiar with the concept of double glazing. I swear I could still hear that same bloody idiot revving his friggin Ferrari ! And of course 24/7 construction going on so simply could not slip. Finally found some ear plugs which helped a bit and guess I drifted off.

Woke at about 0800 so down for breakfast. Everyone looked grumpy – no surprises. Only thing we had booked in Dubai was High Tea at Burj Al Arab on the 27th floor in Skyview bar at 1 pm. So lets hit the pool. Strangely the swimming trunks felt a bit snug and I have no reason why unless it was that damn Chinese laundry woman. Anyway this revived us somewhat and we headed off for another foodie flogging. The first thing you need to do when in Dubai is use Maths otherwise you may have a coronary. One Aussie $ is worth about 4 AED so no need to faint when first taxi fare is 50 AED. In fact taxis are very reasonable and what costs $40 A in Australia(where we are ripped off ) costs 40 AED here. You can’t get near Burj without a reservation as they are locked down with security guard but we arrived nice and early for some great photos outside and in. Then up to 27th floor for the best high tea we have ever had. Mind you did cost 450 AED each. First tourist tip I always say is tell them I is a special occasion and you always get something extra – I got an individual little birthday mud cake:)

We then had grand plan to go to Raffles to have a 125th anniversary Singapore Sling and paid another 70 AED to get there by taxi and arrived about 4 pm. Sorry sir, no alcohol served before 6 pm. Damn! Another 70 AED taxi home and back down to the pool. Very noice as the sun set. We then walked down into the thronging masses for some dinner and in keeping with the ambiguous nature of Dubai found an Italian/Chinese restaurant and had a simple noodle meal with no alcohol! It was a balmy 30 degrees but rather pleasant sitting outside under the lights.

Then that farkin Ferrari drove past again……

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