Triad of Tears

Posted: May 7, 2012 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

They say bad things come in threes. They also say every cloud has a silver lining. Some people talk too much.

The wanderlust of late has been partially sated by some great trips OS with CLP. As such we have a soujourn to Europe planned for October this year having had the return trip to NYC fail in a close 1 all vote . One of the treats befitting us elderly travellers I was looking forward to was a 7 day river cruise on the Rhine. I had the bermuda shorts bought and had even picked out some white socks to match my brown sandals. We had paid $1000 deposit several months ago – circa 2011. Captain’s Log Stardate – January 2012. Ring Ring – sorry your cruise has been cancelled as it has been booked out by a group. Hello – do you clowns understand the concept of a deposit? 1 down

I say if you work hard you don’t play hard – you spoil yourself. With this in mind CLP and me went to Melboring in February for 54th birthday and splashed out on Business Class upgrade on Qantas – already being Qantas Club members, it was a salubrious start to a great few days. Also being fully independent FBTCs we have our own frequent flyer points and I paid for flight down and CLP flight back. Sitting in Qanatas Club on a dreary rainy Melboring day waiting to come home and watching the Channel 9 Cricket Commentary team spreading themselves out we got the first hint something was wrong when CLP called to the counter about 10 minutes befoe boarding due. Flight cancelled. We can put you on a flight an hour later but no business class. Oh and no in flight catering as we are overbooked? What – do I have to sit on the wing or something?? Seat  3C was mine – as I walked pastit  down to 73 D who was sitting in 3C – bloody Thommo. Should have asked for an autograph but not sure he would have spelt it correctly. I now have to stay with CLP/FBTC for another 10 years to make sure I get my share of the points back! 2 down

Plans to celebrate the 10 year sentence with CLP were well advanced with a meal planned for Restaurant 2 in Brisvegas booked last weekend  – in fact it was the degustation menu which runs to a few rubles. Ring Ring – sorry we have to cancel your booking as we have a group in that night. What?  – they wouldnt happen to be a bunch of bloody river pirates by any chance!  However we had some silver lining appear over the horizon in the shape of 1 very noice bottle of Champers delivered to our room in Brisvegas by one David Pugh – chef extraordinaire from Restaurant 2. We have been there before – we shall return. No harm no fowl. 3 down – the rest of the year looks good

  1. Best thing you aren’t on your way to New York then, I’d want to evacuate the city before you arrived based on that luck, especially being the Anniversary ( you and Osama share that at least). Hope your next trip goes a bit better, and that it goes at all. Now you’ll be able to blog about it and better than me quite likely, I think your travel style has rubbed off on me in that regard.

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