In Plain Sight Disappears from View

Posted: May 7, 2012 in TV

When you think M&M most thoughts turn to small bite size sweets. Maybe if you have a rare condition where you miss every second letter you think of Mad Men. I think of Mary and Marshall the lovable Wit Sec Marshalls who live in the crimnal laden outpost of Albuquerque. They have been with us for 5 seasons – if you can count the Brit like  8 episode final offering as a season – and it has been a fun ride. Not every case is a page turner but this is a show about the 2 leads and the byplay that ensues. Mary is played by Mary which helps considerably. Mary M , as opposed to Mary S who shoots first and wisecracks later, has been around for a while usually as second or third banana and she does well in the lead role. Marshall is Raylan-lite if you like – just as laconic but maybe doesn’t have that trace of Justified mean we all secretly desire.  The two have great chemistry and there is always that will they wont they scenario floating just above the ether – the answer is revealed in the final episode. Lesley AW is her usual annoying self as is the sister even if they are the parts they are playing – there is suitable pathos beneath the ditzy cover. The rest of supporting cast is great but it is the M&M  show – sweet!

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