Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

Posted: May 7, 2012 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

What better indicator of a mid life crisis than to enter the Blogosphere world. Mid life crises are a common affliction of men that usually occur strangely enough around the middle of their expected life, if that were the case then I will live to be 108 – we all know that is not going to happen. The CLP(Current Life Partner) and I have a bet on 86. This would be a good age for moi as I always loved Max Smart growing up – and grown up- and aforementioned CLP use to pose a striking resemblane to 99 until bob cuts went the way of the dodo bird. The way the body feels post 86 would be ugly anyway and I will have seen my grandchildren grow up – what is left? So given it it is not a true mid life crisis for the anally disposed amongst us why the current introspection? A sequence of events seemingly unrelated perchance?

  1. In 2 days I will cease “On Call” work in Pathology after 35 years. No more disturbed nights, no more big paydays. Retirement is a speck of light on the horizon but my Honorary Personal Financial Advisor disagrees. In fact he laughs so hard he has to sit down. So the work continues for the time being but hopefully followed by a restful night’s sleep – apart from the obligatory toilet visits
  2. The CLP and I just celebrated 10 years together. I could retire if I had a sweet wealthy benefactor to cuddle and cajole me through these difficult times.  The CLP is sweet, she is comfortable but not wealthy but she is independent to the point of changing the access code on the Ponderosa monthly. We will be together one day but it wont be next year, or the year after…… need I go on
  3. My 3rd Grandson will be born next month having just stood as Godfather for GS 2. These are good things and good times
  4. I have a gnawing wanderlust coupled with a complete lack of plan or direction and a strong realisation I am not a lone traveller. Never was, never will be.
  5. My youngest daughter has moved out so I am living by myself for the first time in a very long time. It is good, it is bad, it is what it is.
  6. I have a significant mortage that I service well and still have a reasonable disposal income. I like gadgets but never use them to their potential before buying the next one
  7. I feel old and have for many years. The back is broken, the ankle crippled and the shoulders shot. I play golf for 9 holes, then limp and crawl for the last 9. My handicap reflects … well my handicap I guess
  8. I am a pessimist. If the glass is half full I simply want to know which asshole drank the first half and didn’t tell me??

10. I am terrible at Maths

So what does the next year hold? Watch this space

  1. Ponderosa58 says:

    As the CLP, I can vouch for all the above comments, but saying he is a pessimist may be a little optimistic

  2. Oh no…what have I done! You poor thing, well at least you’ll have something to fill in that spare time with and as far as hobbies to it is a cheap one, the accountant will like that.

    If you’re still bored after blogging then You might need to adopt a child on your next OS trip, I hear that’s all the rage, and then when you get sick of it you can pawn it off to the kids and get a new one; you won’t be emotionally bonded.

    Will be following your writings like Filth does my own. Keep it up!

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