CMBM – Randland to Queensland

Posted: March 28, 2023 in Uncategorized

All good things end eventually and so CMBM draws to a close with a final morning in Johburg at Mondior before catching the Qantas Dreamliner home in Premium Economy . We allowed 4 hrs in Sydney for transfer from international to domestic as we know from past experience what a nightmare it can be . Good nights sleep but still a long day for sure and then decision will be made on whether to keep going to Nambour when we hit Brisbane around 8 pm on Thursday night . Pretty sure we will keep going ….

Down for a final big breakfast . The Mondior has been great with one glaring issue for a large complex near the airport for passengers – the in room wifi is crap ! Biggest concern this morning though is another 36 hrs limping around with this ankle. It hurts to put weight in at present which is going to make it tricky. Have it strapped up,to help with that but then that increases the swelling ! We have the late checkout at 1 pm then leave for airport at 2 pm expectingQantas to be open around 230 pm for a 540 pm flight. We have to get through passport control of course but actually hoping to spend an hour or two in Qantas aligned Aspire lounge. Sat around airports long enough in last week with the GU. Business upgrade unsuccessful but no big deal, PE is a good product and don’t have to listen to Arabic PA announcements as well anymore 😏

The breakfast was very filling which will keep,us going until mid afternoon . Packing pretty simple now as using two bags each as our smaller safari bag becomes dirty clothes bag which makes it easy for CLP, to do my washing when we get home. I am thoughtful like that . A final walk/limp around the complex and out into sunshine on this glorious final morning . Walked across to the top level D’Oreal Grande hotel here – Mondior is the second level – and what a stunning place

We explained we were staying at the Mondior but is it ok to leave our Merc out the front with the other 27 ? Of course Sir feel free to walk around and see what you could afford if you had worked until 65 . First smart ass have met in 3 weeks 😏 We even fronted the poolside cafe and asked if we could have a coffee even though with the dregs at Mondior. Of course . Got a menu and bugger me they have Cortado and only took 50,000 klms air travel to find one ! Was about to order some scones or similar when same helpful lady came up and said “ The coffees are free but you will have to pay for any food . Can we wash your Merc while you wait Sir “ “ Sweetheart, if you can find it go for it and a polish wouldn’t hurt . Number plate is FMS – 069” We didn’t order any food 😂

A rather salubrious ending to a rather salubrious holiday . We have our luggage all now so even if screwed by Qantas tonight can send our luggage to Flashman Inc now at their convenience.

Following on from a very lucky morning we headed out a bit early and bugger me Qantas check in was open 4 hrs before flight. Checked in with Smiley Face 1 and then headed to dreaded Passport Control. Another good experience and we were lounge adjacent by 230 pm with almost 2.5 hrs to “boarding at this stage” . It’s called the Aspire Lounge and can enter as a QC member. I asked Smiley Face 2 on entry “ Was this the job you always Aspired to?” Blank look. Lounge , nice and quiet with a bar and good food .

Qantas is a double act here with QF 63 arriving around 4pm and then becoming QF 64 and leaving 540 pm. Pretty quick turn around for moi and why QF 64 is often a bit late leaving. Using the excellent Flight Radar app it seems QF 63 is actually a little ahead of schedule 🤞

Ah no, 10 mins late but fun watching it do 3 laps. Wisely we didn’t hook in too much at club as still a long 24 hrs ahead and always well looked after on Qantas . The inefficiency at this airport never ceases to amaze. Approaching Gate 18 we saw people lined up with no signage except Qantas in the distance . Seems like a bag check before entering the next waiting area 😏 About 60 people lined up and one person at a desk. As we got closer saw an Economy Sign . Where is BC or PE? No sign but a man standing at an empty desk. CLP suggested we try it and asked about PE and he said ok and checked bag . We then walked into a small waiting area for about 40 people with 20 sitting down. Lady walked up and said this is only for wheelchair passengers. Well you have a lot then dont you 🤔 Maybe a sign would help Numbnuts 🤦🏻‍♂️ Nope , just put up a barrier rope and people might work out at least where not to sit ! No board or nothing to see any updates , not that they update. Will check my 17 apps but my left nut and 60 Rand says we ain’t leaving at 1740 😏 oh that’s right, no wifi here 🤦🏻‍♂️ At least the crew is here and a female pilot. Could be in trouble if she has to reverse park.

Again we experience the complete inefficiencies of OR Tambo for boarding as well. No fucking clue. They start to board business but in fact just move them to another holding pen. Everyone else stands up and moves forward of course. We stand there for at least 30 mins and not a word. Then BC start moving and a lone female comes to the throng and says something inaudible so everyone starts moving forward . Anyway we got on and found our seats . The plane is totally full so await the joys of disembarking. We left almost an hour late and maybe arrive 45 mins late at this stage which should be ok. Just not sure can deal with the ignorant masses one more time . As always happens am totally over air travel. Until the next time .😏

Qantas PE has lost a little sparkle. Still good but not as great as remember. Anyway it was a tough flight after last 36 hrs . Again the plane is full of many morons including the one across aisle who had feet up, on phone and no seatbelt as heading down runway for takeoff 🤦🏻‍♂️

We landed about 35 mins late and passport and immigration ok but that domestic transfer at Sydney is a pain in the ass. We did get on a plane leaving an hour earlier . Yay . It just got delayed 30 mins at least 😂 More time in Qantas Club which is rather crowded

Anyhoo that is enough from this trip folks . Time for some rest

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