Deasterella 2022

Posted: April 16, 2022 in Uncategorized

And a new Festivus was born. No Poles seen but a few Italians were lurking with intent. As is the tradition each year the Della clan descend on The Poderosa @ Flashman Inc for varied periods over Easter but always full attendance at Saturday lunch. The weather forecast was promising so I ducked down a day early to make sure

Satisfied it would be suitable for any and all campers then did a quick mow of the property while CLP set about cooking to plan. Eskies were packed with alcohol and ice and mints left on pillows for the woosy boys taking the indoor option .

First arrivals then were RJER with their new Caravan in tow. An impressive looking home away from home indeed. Then BC2 and Quinn rolled up while T&B followed shortly after with their camper van just in time for lunch

The weather was holding beautifully if a tad on the cool side . I could see some Flannos in my near future

Not a lot of swimming was done that day despite a it being a glorious looking day . Basking in the sun was ok but getting out of the pool was brisk . Guess we could sit around and have a drink ? That’s the arvo taken care off so let’s just gaze at the full moon as it rises so we can go to bed and start again tomorrow

Another glorious day dawned and time to set up for the midday feast before the horde descends. We are old hands , and even older bodies, at this caper now and soon the table was set while CLP worked up a lather in the kitchen . I was on coffee duty so was full of beans as usual

We sat down for a wonderful meal with all attendees present . There was plenty to drink, eat and drink and frivolity ensued. The deconstructed Pav was a particular treat

I had cleverly set up the table in close proximity to the 3 Vintec Wine fridges and the sense in this soon became apparent when the two bottles Ant bought were quickly consumed and it was still daylight . Rick was put in charge of choosing after Ant took at least 2 minutes to choose the first Amaranta. Wisely Rick just decided to work his way down from the top left shelf. Simplicity is always my first principle too. Somehow we then had to make it out to the relaxing chairs outside so …….. you know we could have a relaxing drink. It was only going to be leftovers for dinner so not a lot of planning required. Then Rick bought out the special Rums and the rest of the night was a blur. I did make it to bed but to be fair was only one screen door to deal with

This morning then of course was a special day especially for the girls . It was still dark when we heard the first noises so CLP quickly ducked out of bed. Not a smart move in hindsight

There was a knock on the door and there were the Munchkins ready to hunt

Suitably pleased with their haul the rest of us settled in for a lovely hot cooked breakfast by Ant . There were a few spots of rain as the campers prepared to pack up and leave. As always it was a lovely couple of days with too much eating and drinking but we only do it once a year. Deasterella that is …. The eating and drinking will resume next gathering at ADJG next month for Claude’s 92nd birthday . This just left the cleaning up to do. It wasn’t that hard

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