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Posted: April 28, 2021 in Uncategorized

Great to dip our toes in the travel world again even if only interstate for now. At present we will take what we can

The flying experience is a little different but not arduous. Qantas Club is low key with food on offer being very basic but is still a good place to chill. Good coffee. Just have to try and not get there 2 hrs before flight leaves like use to for international flights. Masks are a nuisance at times but a small price to pay . A 2 hr flight was ok, not sure howa mask for a 5 hr flight would go. On board once again the “refreshments” are very basic and no alcohol on any flight that LEAVES before 5 pm as opposed to being in the air after 5 pm! Will never leave Brisvegas again first up on a Monday morning – too busy. The Melbourne QC was good though being of the PM visit format….

Of course, with the return of flying comes the return of the moron, of the ignorant/arrogant variety. 737s load from both ends as explained verbally and by bloody big signs! Rows 15-30 ? Board from back steps. Ah nope. Sitting at Seat row 16 and having had an easy board from back (steps not withstanding) sit in seat while dickhead after dickhead wanders down from front to back and usually the ones with the large carry ons. Then of course we come in to land and several announcements about seat upright, mobile devices .,window shades yada yada yada. Ah nope. Every 3-5 rows hostie has to lean in to tell someone to do something they have been asked politely to do several times already. My solution? Send them on a plane to China for a week . On China Air. To Wuhan. They will learn to pay attention trust me

Melbourne remains a fave city to visit. It was pretty quiet in CBD still, no doubt due the that alpha numeric bastard still on the prowl. The Langham was an excellent choice for accommodation. The weather is a big factor of course and Autumn and Spring are much more appealing than in Qld. Not much point leaving Qld for June to August as the weather is usually booteeful here . If USA in Feb is no longer viable then could see more visits to Melbourne in those months. Its a great walking city , especially for people with functioning legs

Trains work well in Victoria and run on time. Good value with Seniors card 🙂 Regional Victoria is a bit cooler of course and some days just dont warm up. Perfect….if only

Always great to have local guides to show you around and then fill you up at night for all the major food groups and a couple extra thrown in for fun. 5 days of that diet was certainly my limit methinks. Still thats why trakkies suit cold weather so well. After experiencing early winter in April next trip should be late Autumn in June – Darwin. Talk about climate change . There needs to be an investigation…… ok will spare you Tooves this time.

Highlight ? Would go with the tasting menu at Balgownie Estate near Bendigo for a number of reasons mostly amusing. Smitty was a woeful choice for doing a wine tasting with unless you were at the bar. He carried 2 glasses only at a time and invariably got them wrong. The tasting menu had a price and nothing more. No matching wine offer – odd. No listing of each course – “the chef likes to surprise you”. When one plate with only 4 oysters came out we wondered if that was one of our 6 courses. The next was equally small but tasty. After that really picked up in variety , quantity and quality. No point asking the waitress what the menu was as guess she liked to be surprised too . Luckily they were chosen mostly from main menu so just read it for ourselves. By end of day full as a goog and also good value at $95 ea . Not so much recommended but certainly glad we did it. Freddo gave it 3/5 – I concur

Quiet pleasant weather even in Maryhole at present. Back to barista, golf course and gym tomorrow . In that order

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