BBB – Day 8

Posted: April 25, 2021 in Uncategorized

In a slight rewriting of history and on the 8th day He rested . From chopping wood anyway . Idle hands being the devils work though…

Another glorious start to the day on what will be our last full day in Victoria and certainly last day of being full for a while . Let’s hope the sun stays out all day for a change . I went for my usual 5 k run while CLP caught up on all her social media commitments . One of those is a blatant lie, one a slight exaggeration.

Will be a short trip into Castlemaine this morning for a loiter and latte. We drank red wine on Saturday and white on Sunday so intrigued what is left to try tonight but am sure it will be enjoyable.

The sun is fighting the good fight but losing on points at present . Still that’s why God created sheep on Day 3 from memory – to provide us with jumpers duh. Castlemaine has not changed much since last visit and is a very pleasant laid back place. We parked and walked a few streets while the ladies did secret women’s business . It does have an amazing bookstore . We then decided to head back to Harcourt Store for that coffee and early lunch. The sun was catching up but still cool . Very nice pie/quiche and salad but the coffee was only like warm

Then settled in for a quiet afternoon before the Pinot Noir challenge later on and some Pulled Pork for dinner . Took a tour of the newly built man shed under blazing sun and here I am without my sluggos.

Considering the guys were working for several hours I thought the shed, while functional , was underwhelming .

Sorry, what’s that you say ? Oh that’s the rabbit trap , the shed is over there ya clown. in this climate I would have gone with a roof but no denying the natural light is great 🤓

Back down the hill and await the afternoon festivities to begin . There could be a sun and yardarm involved on this booteeful day . The ingredients for a long night were there for all to see but only for me to drink . Yay

The festivities began with a bang as in a large G&T in an even larger glass 😳 This could get ugly

Then came the Pinot Noir challenge . Two bottles same year but different location . I went with Dan Murphy’s Aisle 3 but was only out by about 15,000 Kim.

Luckily there was some food to eat to help soak up the alcohol. Pulled Pork, chocolates and Cards against Humanity – it’s the COVID lockdown trifecta buster folks.

Made it to 8:15 pm which is pretty much a record this visit . Officially as full as a state school hat rack and see some alcohol free days in immediate future . Maybe not tomorrow though with Qantas Club beckoning and an afternoon flight….. I am only human after all.

Tomorrow will be a long day of the Planes, Trains and Automobiles caper. Drive to Castlemaine and catch train to Melboring, taxi to airport, flight to Brisvegas and then drive home to Flashman Inc , Sunshine Coast HQ that night. Then the highlight of the trip – the drive home to Maryhole the next morning to resume life as we know it. It has been great to travel again even in baby steps . Also great to see family . Next trip is a week in Darwin in June where I don’t think we have any family or at least none we admit to. That will finish my Capital City Bingo card have been carrying around for many years now

Word on the street is the COVID jab will be offered to us younguns by middle May so will check on that on Wednesday and line up pants down, bedflute pointing north at the appropriate time. Of course , Maryhole is expecting their first shipment of the Polio vaccine next month so may have to look further afield . Later dudes and dudettes.

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