Threes The Charm?

Posted: February 27, 2021 in Uncategorized

So, when last we left our hero he was recovering slowly from some under the equator nip and tuck and there was light at the end of the tunnel. It now appears it was a bloody train a coming……

Having dealt with kidney and prostate issues as one does when one ages I was looking forward to upcoming birthday if not all the memories on Facebook of me usually spending February surrounded by snow but always usual cheery self 😦

Happy Flash

CLP and I often joked she got the Della metabolism and I got the Ferguson Skin. She didnt have to worry about her weight and I didnt have to worry about moles and skin cancers. She could still worry about my weight of course. Had my usual yearly skin check which comes around about every 12 months and have been going to Nambour Skin doctors while at Maplehead. All good apart from one pesky dark spot on temple which was usually covered by “distinguished grey look”. No harm in taking a biopsy eh. Ring Ring. That is actually a Grade 1 Melanoma Sir, has CLP started gaining weight lately also ? Ok so Grade 1 (of 5) is not wrist slitting territory but lets chop and dice. Getting a time in next month to actually see Doc at Nambour was proving impossible so local Doc will take it out as long as you see him first so he can assess (ca ching ca ching) .I said ok as long as doesnt take it out while I am in the room….. Doc agreed to have a crack and all set for the next week. Duly done with some pain noted ” as anaesthetic didnt quite reach boundaries” No shit Sherlock! Anyhoo, all things heal

Took it easy for a few days and as had just started playing golf again was happy to hook into Beddows and Smail on my actual birthday by shooting a sweet 76. Of course this now meant my handicap would be 8 next week but thats ok. Lets celebrate in style now

Next day it was off to Doc to get stitches out and get back into full swing ( golf humor) at gym and on course work. First up though lets check that pesky histology report. Ok it is in fact a stage 2 and the excision perimeter is not wide enough for that grade 2. You need to go to theatre and get a chunk taken out and a skin graft done, here is a referral to a surgeon down Hervey Bay. “Good Bye and Good Luck” Um, ok any chance you can actually remove these stitches now which was purpose of the appointment! Ouch x 4. Surgery rang back that morning and said can you come in this afternoon for consultation and we can cut tomorrow! Makes you wonder what they do for a Grade 5 – just give you a bucket to put your head in? Hold your horses lady I need to see my honeybuns this weekend and also grand kiddies at Toowoomba, can it wait a week? “Well if it cant it wont be your problem sonny” Got to love receptionist humor. Went down to see Doc that day and all lined up for surgery next Friday. Its day surgery but the post op care period could be the painful part. Certainly no gym or golf for a couple of weeks. Especially looking forward to the second week of March. Tuesday, drive to Bay for a Peak Flow test ( yes folks Prostate aint done with yet…..luckily), Thursday see Surgeon at Bay for first of 3 follow ups and maybe remove staples from graft or stitches from chest (graft source), Friday back down to Bay to see Urologist. Just hope I dont get Urologist and Surgeon mixed up and end up with graft in unusual place. Apparently the source skin is best to have hair as well, hence chest. The one time you regret getting those anal bleaches done. Or not. I am starting to suspect I may not be able to get by on looks alone soon

Anyhoo in meantime off to Flashman Inc Sunshine Coast for a late birthday celebration. First up was a superb lunch at Spirit House at Yandina. It aint cheap but was for me 🙂

Next day out to Toowoomba to see 4 of the 6 pack. Ended up being 5 but not sure which one was the ring in ……

It was a wonderful day and reminds one to try and do it more often. You know , once the body stops falling apart

Devoted followers may recall our problems with ever getting to Melbourne with COVID issues etc in 2020. Finally had rebooked flights and accommodation for April this year for 5 days in Melboring and 5 days freeloading with JL at Harcourt. In between stitches being removed get email from City Tempo in Melbourne saying our accommodation is cancelled/refunded as “due to COVID they can no longer keep the booking” Looks like more freeloading with JL and just a couple of days in CBD first. Little optimist me doesnt really expect to be in Victoria in April. Other solid plan – as in could fall apart at a moments notice – is a week in Darwin in June

Of course as the vaccine starts to roll out there is renewed hope for international travel once doctors realise not everyone gets 4 doses straight up! Did I mention my Mum is a resident at the Twilight Home where the cock up occurred? Not getting too excited just yet but early 2022 could be a busy time with delayed plans for both NYC and South Africa both coming close together due to previous booking conditions. Maryhole in January, USA in February and South Africa in March. Its the Holy Trifecta of Must See Before I Die kinda list. A lot of water to flow under the bridge first. Speaking of which any chance could send some to Maryhole anytime soon Old Whiskers ? It is bone dry and not the good kind

So, hopefully can soon can get back to enthralling you all with Adventure Blogs that involve exploring far distant places rather than odd body parts. In the meantime, this drivel will have to do folks

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