A Covid Christmas

Posted: December 12, 2020 in Uncategorized

With all the Hallmark releases around at present surprised this one didnt get a run. Instead we get barf material like

Never Kiss a Man in a Xmas Sweater

Must admit the Xmas fever did hit early here and I fear I may have gone overboard with the Xmas Decorations this year which will of course take me ages to take down after Xmas

Its been an odd year, even though an even year, to say the least but the end is in sight and before you know it there will be another odd year ahead. Time does fly fast except when you are waiting for the next apocalyptic , monstrous weather event to unfold today. Hatten down the batches and have candles ready. Then we get a passing shower which doesnt even wash the car and move back into usual weather pattern. I suspect the weather in Maryhole reflects the general lazy, laid back approach to life here. Hot, humid and storms? Nah hot and humid will do. Windy and showers? Nah wind will do these clowns. So we end up with hot, dry and windy conditions just to screw with us. The only highlight this last week had sailors barring up en masse

Sailors getting excited…

December is always an interesting month memory wise as a mere 43 years ago on Dec 5th I started work at Maryhole Pathology while 8 years ago on Dec 7th they closed us down for good. Nothing ever happens on Dec 6th apparently. Of the many memories of 35 yrs of work one of the most memorable is this photo of last weekend at work with Maxine who has sadly since passed away. She was so typical of the unique bunch of people we had working together

Before December rolled around though we had a busy weekend of Munchkin birthdays in the Fergella clan. First up Ruby turned 1 and then following day Ryan turned 4. Lovely weekend spent in Brisvegas and Toowoomba catching up with the bloodlines

Babybsitting 2020

In other news the US Election was pretty much as expected. Trump would lose but never go away. Meanwhile COVID runs rampant and the worse is yet to come one fears. The sheer ignorance/stupidity/selfishness of so many Yanks never ceases to amaze. Its his enablers in the GOP that annoy most for moi. I do like this image even though we have now moved beyond SCOTUS

Travel wise things still look a tad grim. We have decided to postpone our Sept 2021 Cruise as international flights still unlikely by then or at least with easy travel throughout Europe. The vaccine may bring a lot of hope but I doubt it will be the cure that many hope at least in next 6 months for a number of reasons. We have decided to have a short Soujourn in Melboring in April and then do The Ghan Expedition in late July, Darwin to Adelaide and tack a few days on either end there especially as never been to Darwin before. That should leave time and money for a road trip somewhere south come October. On the far horizon is hopefully Call Me Bwana 2020/21..……..in March 2022. Before that though will hope to squeeze in a short trip to Bidenland in Feb 2022 because the thought of another full summer in Maryhole shits me to tears.

In TV/Movie land not a lot to report. There is plenty to watch certainly with both Netflix and Stan although often still head to Iview and SBS for quality dramas. The Queens Gambit has been the pick of the new stuff. The Undoing showed promise but ultimately let down by the ending. Fargo Season 4 was probably weakest of all seasons so far but still better than a lot of crap shown. Ratched was ok if a little too Murphyied for me. Quiet on the movie front really with the impact of COVID. Did sit through The Prom yesterday somehow. Luckily I had insulin on standby. Kidmans character was the oddest bit for me. Its high energy certainly. Couldnt get through Borat 2 and Greenland was standard disaster pic fare. Fatman was odd to say the least

In Sports world the highlight would have to be State of Origin. Once again NSW fell for the classic rope a dope. Cricket is largely boring these days and even the Masters lacked some lustre with an easy win by DJ. The only golfer to really stand out last month though was of course Shark, GW. Anybody who thinks he posted this image innocently is a moron or a Trump supporter. Or both

Speaking of Golf and Trump was disappointed to see Jack Nicklaus involve himself in the election. No surprise he is a Republican or even that he supports Trump but his endorsement post went way beyond a casual observation when he went on with some of the Trump nonsense and socialist threat. Very sad for one of the true gentlemen of golf

Well, the roof hasnt been blown off while writing this so not sure what happened to todays version of Weather Armageddon? I tried to look outside but was blinded by the sunlight. Xmas Day will be spent in Brisvegas with a Della Gathering at RJER Quarters. Looking at the list they have AC, Pool and Beer Fridge so basically your Holy Xmas Trinity accounted for. As always each year they try and come up with somthing new as main course and being Qld , seafood is always a possibilty. While the proof will be in the eating and whether it actually stays down have to admit just a little concerned about this years offering – The TurKracken

See you in 2021…..

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